Psychic Seer At Eight

by Shelly Green
(Estill Springs, TN, USA)

When I turned 8 I began to change and was scared of what was happening to me. I could say things, think things, and it would happen. I also started seeing the dead, and hearing them. I was scared I was going crazy. I went straight to my dad and that's when he explained what was going on and about our family.

He said it was a gift. Of us three daughters I was the one who it had passed to. He explained in our family that it didn't pass from female to female but from female to male to female. He helped to understand it and not to be afraid.

Out of all us girls, I was the only one to have a son. When he turned 8, things began happening to him just like with me. I sat him down and told him what my father told me. I told him he would have to deal with these things for the rest of his life. When he decides to have a child, it would be a daughter and he would have to tell her everything one day.

We have had to move several times in the last 18 yrs. Spirits are attracted to us like bugs to light. We have to watch and trust our instincts, we have to watch what we say in anger.

I am 38, and my son is now 16. We have learned a lot and now we can handle everything. We live our lives like everyone else now, well almost. We know now that this isn't a curse but a true gift. What you do with it is what counts. We have helped a lot of people and will continue to do so.

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Sep 23, 2013
Me too.
by: Ms. Starr

Hi, I like you have this gift. I have also helped a lot of people in my 51 years. There are time I wish I didn't have this gift. The affirmations some time come at a price. I am living with my Mother for a few months and she also is gifted. She is on one side of the house and I on the other. Visitors pop in and out all night and some times it is so loud it sounds like a party. All kind of voices, whispers and full on laughs. I told my Mother I hear it coming out of my closet. She said it comes from her bathroom. I see them during the day pop in and out. The ones I know I can handle but the others, well you know. One of the funnest things that happens is all of us are connected in my family. We sense when some thing is wrong, we know when they are calling before the phone ring. One of my weird gifts is I can smell food that is not being cooked but either my Mother is reading about or thinking about cooking. Oh and once I smelled fried chicken and I held my phone and when I answered my Mother said,"How about fried chicken for dinner." I said ok, what the heck. It happens a lot. Anyway the gift is in boys and girls in our family but not all of us. The youngest is 13 and I knew he was gifted when he was two. He was visiting and saw the angels standing in a door way. Held a full conversation with her and said goodbye when she left.

Sep 20, 2013
Hey Seer at Eight
by: Anonymous

Your Dad told you it was a 'gift'.... it is :)... I dont understand why you have 'have to move several times' is it because they contact you? or due to circumstances? if it is because of 'them' moving doesnt help at all they follow you... you may need to learn to live with them and ask them to leave you alone at night when you want to sleep and designate a time for them to contact you only so you can listen ... for instance please speak to me only at 6am... and then you need to honour that by being available to them to speak at 6am... it is a gift and being given that you may need to find a way to honour it... the world needs healers... ironically my dads grandmother had the gift which he had... and he said the day I was born he felt he lost it as it was passed to me... I have 3 sons and they are all gifted...

May your journey be fulfilled and blessed x

Sep 15, 2013
I see and have the same gifts!
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm a 34 yr old mother of two, and married to the father of 15 yrs. Anyways I know my son, daughter and I all have a gift of some sort. My daughter is very powerful!

I'd love to share insights thoughts and ideas with you! I think I may have found someone with the same gifts.

I have a page on this same site under:
"Adult Indigo Seer" plus a couple others.

Anyways, please help us! If only to understand! :)

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