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Psychic Stomach Pain

by Zakir Pasha

Well, I'm 14 and a month ago my Spanish class went on a trip to Spain. The second night in Spain I had these horrible stomach pains and thoughts in my head about how I feel something bad is going on in my house. When I came home, two weeks later, I found out that my house has been robbed that same day.

After that, a couple weeks later, a bunch of friends and I were supposed to go to my friends house for a bbq. So the night before I again had stomach cramps and thoughts in my head that my best friend's girlfriend will start hating him for some reason. The next day my bestfriend tries to kiss another girl. And they now really hate eachother.

Then yesterday my sister and I were going to pick up my bestfriend from his house because we wanted to play some basketball, I looked into the sky and I felt like something bad is going to happen tonight. Later that night security came up to our door and asked us to stop bouncing the ball. My dad got mad and ran downstairs. There was a big argument.

These are all weird to me. I only told one person so far. But these are all probably guesses right......? But the thing is I didn't get any of them wrong...... it's kind of scary to watch what you thought happen, actually happen.

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