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Psychic Training and Development

Miles Tyler talks about his own psychic training experiences.....

“Several years ago, when my psychic abilities first became apparent and I finally accepted them for what they were, I came to the realization that everyone had this potential within them.

At the age of twenty, I began having spontaneous out-of-body experiences.

When I experienced my third out-of-body experience I decided to begin some psychic training and research into what was going on because I was immensely curious. The first book I read as part of my own psychic training was a very short introduction to astral projection. In it I learned that it could be consciously controlled. When I found this out I became even more intrigued and I started attempting to consciously will myself out-of-body.

It was very difficult at first. So I stepped up my psychic training and began meditating every single day. The next element in my development was to learn more about my chakras. I visualized my chakras everyday, multiple times a day. I practiced meditating with quartz crystals. I meditated diligently for about three months and my psychic training slowly got better and better. Each day I practiced opening the third eye and I experienced a little more success. But my desire was never completely satisfied and my curiosity was far from quenched.

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During the third month of my psychic development I fasted for three days. On the third day I had a conscious astral projection experience that lasted for over three hours. This was the first time that I had ever asked for the aide of a guide beforehand. It was an intense and wonderful experience during which I felt a strong pressure sensation in the brow of my physical body. I was opening the third eye. Those three hours felt like an eternity to me. When I returned to my body, I still felt the sensation in my brow from opening the third eye and I have had it off and on ever since.

It was the day after this experience that I began to notice my ability to perceive things beyond the normal range of the senses. My psychic training was advancing. I was meditating on the couch while my friend and cousin were visiting. My friend was flipping a coin and I could see it clearly in my mind’s eye. Even though my eyes were closed I was successfully opening the third eye. I called heads and I was correct. I told them what I saw in my mind. While I was opening the third eye I could see the slightly distorted image of the coin through what resembled boiling water. I told him to flip it again and he did. I saw the heads or tails in my mind and announced it each time and I was correct. This went on for a very long time and I was never wrong. They were stunned. My cousin jokingly called me a freak.

The day after this happened; I was still having some difficulty wrapping my head around the idea of this. For some reason, it was easier for me to accept the reality of astral projection than it was for me to believe in my psychic ability. So I devised some psychic tests for myself to prove it either way. After testing myself for what was probably well over one hundred times, I finally accepted it and then I delved more deeply into my psychic development. I did this by testing the limits of my psychic abilities and I eventually reached the startling conclusion that I was the one who decided the limits.

It was after this stunning realization that it finally came to me. This is how it is for everyone. Everyone decides what their limitations are but the truth is that everyone’s ultimate potential is unlimited. When this came to me, I decided that I would help other people to realize their own psychic potential formulated a course of psychic training from my own experiences.

I began contacting a few of my friends and acquaintances who I knew would find this sort of thing interesting. Of course many of them thought that I was crazy and they all made me prove my claims which I was more than happy to do. I then began working with some of them individually by sharing with them the processes and steps that I went through in opening the third eye and achieving my psychic abilities. I also shared what I felt I understood about the forces at work.

I would start simple. I would explain to them the sensation that I get in my brow when I am opening the third eye and accessing my psychic abilities. Some of them already knew exactly what I was referring to. Many people get this sensation and dismiss it as tension or even migraine headaches. Opening the third eye can grow very painful and intense if it is ignored and the buildup of energy isn’t put to use.

In my initial psychic development I used a set of cards that were each a different color. I would pick one and look at it and ask them to try and see it in their mind. Some of them would open to this method very quickly and begin to progress to other more complicated things, while others would take more time and practice to master this first step. I chose colors as the first step because I have found that they are the easiest to perceive at first.

After these first steps in shifting their awareness and learning to “see” at a basic level, training for many of my early students progressed quickly to things like psychometry and remote viewing. However, I did find that a few of them had some issues to work through like anxiety, fear, and insecurities before they could progress in their psychic training. That is why I now place an important emphasis on dealing with issues of this nature and clearing up these emotional blockages within the psyche before even beginning to attempt any kind of psychic training.

Over eleven years later, I have begun to share my psychic training by writing books about this subject as well as creating online resources so that I may help other people in opening the third eye to awaken their unlimited psychic potential.

Psychic training with Miles Tyler

The Truth About Your Psychic Powers is the eBook I've written for everyone who wants to develop psychic powers but doesn't know where to start. I cover the techniques to develop psychic abilities. It even has a nine day step-by-step guide.

I believe that everyone has psychic abilities. This book is useful even to the people who have never had a psychic experience.”

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