by Sam

I question myself as to whether I have a special gift. I'm 15 now, and it seems like I am just tapping into my spiritual being. Any insight as to whether or not I possess a special gift would be helpful :)

Well it all started in 4th grade. My grandma had several bouts with cancer and coincidentally right before she died I had this dream. She was surrounded by a white/yellow light, and she said not to be sad or afraid. She gave me a hug and I woke up to a phone ringing. It was my aunt telling my mother that grandma died.

My mother had dreams too. After my grandma died she had dreams where she would lie in a bed with a black aura next to her, and become filled with fear and misunderstanding. I believe my grandma had these dreams too...

Since then I have had many experiences of deja-vu although I think those experiences are slowing down. I just don't get them much anymore. They can happen anytime between 3 months or 3 hours.

3 seems to be a significant number in my life. I was born 3/3/93 at 3:33pm, although I have been told 3:32pm also. Regardless, I have 3 siblings and often times I see things in triplets...

Instead, I have puzzling dreams. Sometimes when I dream I feel as if I am being forced to do or experience things, whether they are good or bad. I am not in control and I will witness horrifying things sometimes. Other times I will witness good things. Regardless of that, I can vividly remember numerous details about that dream. I can close my eyes and sketch exactly what objects were prominent in my dream. I haven't spent time interpreting those dreams though.

Also, sometimes I can control my dreams. I feel pain too. Sometimes, I am shocked by electricity in my dreams. I'm not sure if that is anything special, but recently I have been hit or I will fall in my dreams and it will hurt. In these dreams I can remember exactly what happened and what each person (if any) said in my dream. These dreams are so vivid that I can identify the exact colors of everything in those dreams. I can travel to places or create my own little world. I can put things into those dreams and do what I want.

Sometimes, something taps into me where I have an ability to understand and empathize with people I don't even know. I feel like I am pulled towards helping them. Something spiritually grabs me and I need to help. I will hear their problem/situation and say things that provide encouragement. I don't know what's happening, but I say things that I never say with friends or family. All of a sudden it seems like I totally understand what their situation is and it's almost like I've been in their shoes, when I don't even know them.

Lastly, I have something I call an "artist streak". Sometimes I will have a flash of a picture in my mind, and all of a sudden I HAVE to draw it or sketch it. I need to close my eyes to see the picture clearly, and after that I have to draw it until I'm satisfied with my work. The pictures turn into works of art and I just have a need to express what I've seen on paper or canvas. Sometimes it's through poetry too.

Well, I don't even know if I have a power, I might just be an average person. Again, insight will be helpful here :)

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