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Raising Russell

by Deborah Paul

I am an empathic adult and indigo I believe; that does not compare to the my child Russell. He is now 19 and struggling tremendously in a regular college setting. Trying to fit in; trying to feel connected to the other students.

He sees everything differently; he is brilliant and yet so thwarted by his peers. He is not understood and does not understand why.

He is the definition of an indigo; when he read the book indigo children; he said there are people who understand me out there Thank GOD.

The problem is he is not surrounded by them and is suffering.

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Jul 12, 2014
I hope Russell will find his way to live in the earth
by: Viogem

I understand sometimes we indigo people feel we are not understood by people around us, because many people are very common, many people they just haven't the same level as indigo people.

For me, I rarely find someone who can understand me or feel the same around me. I just try to communicate with the books. And I read chakras, try to get help from it. And I read abhidhamma, it really helps me. And of course meditation is very helpful.

Sometimes we feel very lonely, because nobody around us understand indigo people. I hope one day indigo people will meet each other.

Sep 27, 2013
Help will come
by: Ms. Starr

I understand what he feels like because I not only am I an em-path indigo and a reader I am deformed from polio. I found the best way to connect when I was young was to be myself. Not to worry about what people thought of me. That was so hard to do,but it worked. You can't be afraid of life or you will get lost in it. Believe it or not there others out there just like him. He needs to seek them out. Look for the quirky, off beat people and gravitate toward them. It will pay off in the end. And then there is always here. I would be happy to help. But the plus side of this he knows who he is.

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