Regaining Psychic Abilities

by Manajiwin
(Mount Pleasant)

Hello, I am Manajiwin, I am 13 years old and I want to regain some psychic abilities like my intuition, telepathy and my ability to see ghosts.

When I was between 5-9 I was be able to see ghosts and it was cool. I once saw a crazy red headed kid jump off our porch, and an Olympic runner running across the road and when we hit him he just disappeared. I was amazed when I was a kid. I even used to see invisible cars, I’d be strolling by them and then they weren't there.

And I want the intuition thing back too, so I know what my heart trusts in. The telepathy thing was also good for me because I would always know what people were going to say next.

Please tell me how to regain my psychic abilities and I also need some techniques for Reiki and ghost seeing!

Thank you from Manajiwin

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