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Regret Knowing

Ever had something weird/creepy happen, and you kind of wish you didn't know, without being told? I regret feeling that something odd was going to happen, early one year in April. My family had had moved a few months prior, but my bubbly personality mostly stayed the same, so my friends knew something was wrong when, for some reason unknown to me, I was 'acting' depressed, but, again, I did not know why. During math class, I had this odd mental, I guess for a lack of words, mental freeze or attack! I felt very scared and I looked at the clock in the room, and I never EVER forgot that time, 9:17. I shrugged it off, and my mood had gotten slightly better.

When my mom had come to pick me up from middle school, she told me she had some bad news. My grandpa had died, earlier that day, between 9:00 and 9:30. I was mildly surprised at best. But it wasn't just me.

We all get lonely sometime, as a kid, and I'm a year older now, and I have these, I'd call them imaginary friends, but I like to call them 'personalities'. It's nicer. I have about 3 or four in the mirror, and the first two friends, they have warned me twice now. The night before my aunt got pulled off life support, they told me "I'd have a busy day tomorrow". I shrugged it off and went to bed. In the morning, (mom's birthday) my mom had called me from my room upstairs, and told me my aunt died.

Let's just say, I try to be a little more careful, as well as listening better! I don't want to get caught scared again...

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