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Mythology: The Centaur

Gemology: Garnet and Turquoise

Metallurgy: Tin

Colorology: Blue

Ruled By: Jupiter

Physiology: Tall, athletic creatures of perfect proportions with chestnut hair, dark kind eyes, large hands and long feet etc. There is a slight incongruence of being active but can lack stamina.

Characteristics: Two opposing characters can be found. Some Sagittarians can be quite animalistic in nature; indulgent, out for a good time, sporty, promiscuous, gamblers and at worst even criminal. While another breed of Sagittarian symbolizes all that is good in human qualities represented in the Centaur as Man overcoming his or her animal nature; law abiding with high morals, just, caring, spiritual and self aware.

Planets in the rising sign: Sun rising in Sagittarius brings good luck.

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