by Septima

Psychic Sapphire21

Psychic Sapphire21

I had my second reading recently with a wonderful reader a friend recommended and I was completely blown away. First, she didn't ask for a penny until we felt like we had a connection. She was funny and warm and really HONEST. Her accuracy was something else. She described something I had never told anyone else about and she was so caring and generous. I really didn't expect so much out of this. She gave me the information I needed but more unique and really amazing was she gave me real direction, great guidance and saw down to the core of the issues so that I left the reading feeling empowered and ready to look at my life with real vision.

What really blew me away is that everything she said would happen has happened - still some more coming up but she has been dead-on so far.

I was really impressed with the fact that she was willing to work with me on rates and times so I didn’t get stuck without answers because her rate is REALLY low.

She wasn't all about the clock and was really generous to the point where I felt bad for all her time. I had told her that I was ok with $45.00 for a 1 hour reading. She called me from across the country at her own expense, gave me the reading and all, and when I saw we were almost out of time and said I was sorry but I couldn't pay for more time, she said it wasn't important, my guidance was what mattered, and stayed with me for an extra 20 MINUTES!! at no charge!!

She is on Keen under the name of Sapphire21 and you can read lots of reviews there but if you reach her at her personal email which I got from my friend she can set you up for a much lower than those sites and she can do your reading over the phone like mine or chat with you which she did for my friend.
Good Luck!

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Dec 05, 2016
by: Troy

I *might* owe my mom an apology. I give her a real hard time about her believing in psychics and such. So she gives me this reading as a gift when I was down and out. One day, I ended up calling this lady. Now I don't know about other so called psychics but this lady has something real. Mind you it's been a long while since I called her before I was ready to admit I maybe wrong. Well here I am eating my words because time proved I was wrong at-least about this one lady-all these months later. Either she's a real psychic or else she's an angel. No other way to explain it.

May 29, 2016
Count me in
by: Anonymous

I read a bunch about her on another forum so I read with her for the first time and all I got to say is there is a lot of phoneys on Keen and everywhere but Sapphire sure as hell is NOT one of them. Period end of story!

Apr 28, 2016
Right thing to do
by: Siobhana

Taking a risk putting my name on here but I owe it to Sapphire. She tried so hard to save me from ruining my life I hated her for it. I said nasty things about her that were never true. I said worse things to her.

I didn't know anyone could be so kind but I'm forever grateful she is because if she wasn't I'm sure I wouldn't still be here. She had every rights to turn me away after how I treated her but she didn't. She helped me instead. Actually she saved me.

I learned the hard way to trust her guidance so this time I took it. I still can't believe I'm here when I remember where I was. I can't ever repay her but I can tell the world she's an angel because I'm positive that's just what she is!

Jan 25, 2016
by: Pat J.

Sapphire is the most honest and kindest soul I think I've ever met. I've read with her a long time and I'm proud to put my name,my actual name not anonymous,on here with my review for her because she helped me change my life, not just get prediction readings.

I'm ashamed I went off at her because she told me something the opposite of what I wanted and what other readers had said and once when I thought she got something totally wrong. Turns out I was the one that was wrong. But even though I was a jerk to her, she was still kind to me. So when I say she's honest and kind, she is.I'm finally happy thanks to her guidance so I owe it to her to tell it.

I don't know if that yahoo is her email because I read with her on Keen. She wasn't on a lot lately but she answered my email today so you can find her there for sure.

Aug 12, 2015
Wonderful and kind
by: Anonymous

Ive read with Sapphire for years and have found her to be honest and most of all kind. Even when she has bad news her delivery is that from a trusted friend without judgment.

Aug 31, 2014
by: Anonymous

I got 2 readings with her through Keen. The first one (6 months ago) was so mind blowing I had to take a walk late at night to digest it. First off, she's such a sweet, gentle soul you can feel her kindness and warmth through the phone.Right off the bat she told me what I was worried about all day that day and what I was afraid the answer would be. Before we got more into the reading she told me to avoid giving her background when I asked my questions so we could be sure that what she picked on wasn't something that could be guessed by what I said. The only thing she asked me for was the first name or names of anyone I wanted her to look at.
She told me something I had never told anyone not ever. She saw it like she was standing there when it happened. But that wasn't even the amazing part. What she did for me after 20+ years of confusion and hurting is bigger than words. She gets to the heart of things and kicks away all the mess so the truth is right there in your face and you finally GET it.

She gave me 3 predictions. I really wasn't sure about 2 of them but 1 of them I was pretty sure wouldn't happen. Right then she said "I know you don't believe that will happen, which is fine. I'm not God or always right. You should never believe anyone who says they are..."

You read her reviews then you read with her and she gets one thing right after another smack on(not even little things) hits the nail on the head over and over so your just blown away and you think she's going to be this super confident, maybe egotistical person. But she's the exact opposite. She's extremely humble and simple and direct.

Even though she was brutally honest and told me things I didn't like and surely didn't want to hear, she was kind and gentle and helped me see things differently. Instead of only feeling bad when I got bad news, I finally understood why and felt strong enough to deal with things the way are so I can finally change them. For once I felt like I could make things better for MYSELF thanks to her.She gave me tools and guidance not just a bunch of good and bad news.

The first prediction that happened was like 3 weeks later. She said it would be around the 10th of that month "give or take a couple of days." It was late night on the 9th. Other things like people saying the exact words she had said they would say, me moving after forever waiting, a check coming for a specific reason and I got financial aid for school even though I was denied before I took her advice on how to change it and who to see about it.

I decided if the big one happened I would write a review but not on Keen because I never leave feedback on there. It ended up happening. The one she knew I didn't believe her about. That's not even why I'm writing this review. I'm writing this so anyone who wants real help can find this amazing woman.

She helped me stop the insanity and start making a real life for myself. I found her because of this site so I'm paying it forward. Good luck to whoever reads this even if you don't call Sapphire. If you do, you won't need luck because she'll you help make your own like she did for me

Aug 10, 2014
Love her
by: Anonymous

Love her!!

Jan 02, 2013
Psychic September
by: Anonymous

September is no longer working through BitWine but you can read with her on Keen under the name of Sapphire21. She is brilliant and oh so accurate! Love her!

Jul 23, 2010
by: Cat

She is absolutely the best you'll find, and she gives a reading that combines compassion, honesty and true guidance. She's away from her site right now, but I certainly hope she returns ... September feels like an old, trusted friend from the start who doesn't judge. I'd give ten stars if they allowed it.

May 05, 2010
by: Todd

I'm so glad I gave this psychic a try. She was kind, accurate, funny, she cares alot and you can feel it. Man is is she humble too!

She was exactly right in everything she said. Never missed on anything and like she says, you figure out that thats not as important as the guidance you get. She teaches you to look at yourself and be real and even though I went out looking for predictions I got alot more than I ever expected. I feel like I get it now and I can really take control of my life.

Thanks for the review because it got me to this woman who I think was sent here like an angel herself. I'll never forget her. LOVE YOU SEPTEMBER

May 02, 2010
I concur
by: SeekingHonesty

Great reading, insightful guidance, wonderful woman. You will not need to speak with anyone else. I know this because I have talked with MANY psychics over the past year - some good, some not so good; but even with the good ones, NO ONE gives readings like she does. If you want real life guidance based on choices that YOU make, answers on WHY you won't see him/her next week, not just "you won't see him/her for 2 weeks", as opposed to a fortune teller type of reading, she is the person to go to. Contact me by my user name "SeekingHonesty" on Bitwine if you want more details and to see that this is a REAL positive review; I almost don't want to share her with the world...she is that good! But, seriously, talk with Psychic September and get your mind straight. :). I really hate the word "psychic" - she's so much more than that!

Apr 18, 2010
by: Cara

I checked September out thanks to your review. She was just like you said and more. She really cares and makes you feel like you are with your best best friend. She was spot on in all the said and even saw my work and the people I was having issues with and that was before I asked about it. I feel like I got a great snapshot of my whole life and now I get it! I feel SOOOOO much better now. I'm excited even!
Highly recommend her. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

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