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Scrolling Message

by Annon

I have always had odd and unusual dreams. Dream recall has always come easy to me (I'm 29). Most dreams that I have tend to deal with my everyday life. If I am having a problem with something or someone the solution always comes in dream form. This dream that I am writing about actually has me a bit on edge though. It isn't the type of dream that I usually have so if anyone has any insight please feel free to comment.

The dream begins with me sitting in my bedroom at the foot of my bed just flipping through a magazine. Nothing is unusual about my room. Everything is as it should be. I feel the bed move somewhat like some just sat on it. I look up from the pages of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine I am looking through to see a man whose face is blurry. I begin to hear him talk, though he is talking so fast I can't understand a word he is saying. I get annoyed because I can't see his face even though he is facing me and because I can't understand him. I tell him to slow down. He sighs then points to the TV screen. I look and on the screen I see words scrolling (like they do at the beginning of the Star Wars movies). They are moving too fast as well. I only caught the first word which was IF.

I have yet to understand what this dream means or what the message on the screen was. This dream came to me a few weeks ago. I have been hoping for a repeat so I could slow the dream down (lucid dreaming is also something that comes easy for me) but so far nothing. I am getting very annoyed and somewhat worried.

Any Ideas?

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Sep 27, 2012
RE: What If...
by: Anonymous

You may be on to something about missed messages in my dreams. Love and matters of the heart isn't a problem for me. I have been happily married for eight years and have a six year old child. Missing messages however is something that I have done in the past only to realize that once whatever happened had already passed I remember a dream where a warning seemed to be in place. I have been keeping a dream journal for awhile and have read back through it to see if this is the case. Nothing has jumped out at me yet. I will however take youR advice about the Carl Jung therioes. Maybe I will find something there. Thanks for commenting.

Sep 21, 2012
by: RubysLens

I’m not sure if this is about your understanding of dreams or your love life. It could be either but you will have to be an objective and honest judge of that.

If it is about your dream understanding, it would be helpful to look into theories by Carl Jung and see if you can apply his ideas of symbology, unconscious, psyche, and ego with your personal outlook. Most dreams are about you and different aspects of your whole being trying to create or maintain balance to make a more complete and fulfilling life. Characters and objects we are familiar with become symbols and metaphors that we can identify with and understand our own life FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. Better Homes and Gardens is pretty straightforward. Star Wars is a very metaphoric series. Maybe the scrolling identifies all the messages that you are missing due to your current method of interpretation.

If it is about love or matters of the heart that would be symbolized by the bed and possibly also the magazine. The bed moved because someone hit your love button, either a part of you or a person you encountered in your waking life. A man appears and tries to pull you from your homebody life and give you a message – but you are on a different frequency and cannot understand. It is possible you don’t even recognize your own heart and what it wants for your life, after all you can’t even make out his face. Then he tries to show you on a TV, another frequency/medium. This one is also on a wavelength which you cannot understand. The only one you are able to understand is the static - already printed magazine. The word IF is significant here because it is something you managed to catch. What can you do with it? Maybe your heart needs to get out and experience LIFE on a more social level. Maybe you just need to try something… What IF…

I really hope this helps. Best wishes.

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