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Seeing Jesus on Top of Mountain

by James Lyon

My dream was about climbing a huge mountain. It was definitely a struggle to get up that mountain. It felt I was climbing up a huge compost heap which was rotten and had worms and maggots crawling everywhere, each step my feet would sink into this horrible squelchy muddy ground. It seemed to take forever to reach the top.

But then when I eventually reached the top it was absolutely amazing! so beautiful, with green pastures and very lush green hills, with the most beautiful blue sky that you could ever dream of. Everything was so fresh and green.

Then standing at the side of the pasture on a hill was a man wearing white robes, he was very spiritual looking. I knew it must have been Jesus or God? He was looking across the green pastures but didn't look over to me, but I new he must have known I was there.

Then my dream ended. I felt very positive and overwhelmed with peace and happiness.

I had this dream 10 years ago and the dream is as vivid as the day I dreamed it, it will never leave me.

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May 05, 2016
Seeing Jesus on top of a Mountain.....
by: Anonymous

If you are still having this dream continuously then it is trying to get through to you to say that you didn't get the point?

Keep dreaming...your dreams will eventually show more and when you do get it..then that same dream that you are having will not come back again!.....

God Bless You!

Mar 30, 2016
by: Ms. Starr

This was an affirmation you are not alone. Through your life struggles he is with you. Feel peace and comfort that this came to you.

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