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Solo Indigo Child

by Johelsy
(Miami, FL, USA)

My name is Johelsy, and I'm an Indigo child. I'm 13 now, and my mother told me 2 years ago that when I was born, she thought I was an Indigo. She said I would stare at things that she couldn't see, and that when she asked me what I was looking at, I would say, "The Man," or "The Woman".

Ghosts. - To this day, I see ghosts. Everywhere. I try to block them out, and for the most it works. But it doesn't change the fact that they're there. I can feel their energy, their feelings, and just by being near them, I know what their lives were like, and how they were like.

Sometimes, they appear as shadows. But I can see their faces and their bodies in my head. I try talking to them, but it's like they can't hear me, or they ignore me.

When I was little, it would really scare me, and I thought everyone could see them. That's why I never told my mom. I got the courage to tell her 3 years ago. She blew me off. Since then, I learned to keep it to myself.

I can also see the future. At least, I'm pretty sure I can. The way I do it... I don't know what it's called. Maybe one of you guys can help me.

I either sit or stand, although it's better to sit, and I put my head down, and I concentrate on the sounds around me, blocking them out but letting them stay like a dim buzz in my head, and I focus really hard on the darkness I'm seeing because of my closed eyes. Soon, it's like the darkness is opening, like a sort of a black hole, and it's sucking me in. My mind feels open, and in a way, it's sort of painful. And then, these pictures come, and sometimes words. For example, once I had one of those, and the picture was one of an explosion, and the words "bomb" and "gunmen" came into my mind.

A couple of days later I read in the paper about an explosion in Egypt. Two gunmen with bombs had caused it. The picture they showed was the same one I saw in my head. It was a little scary, but I had already mainly gotten used to it. I was hoping if someone here can tell me what that's called. Please. It would really help me. Thank you.

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