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Spiritual Self Care and Your Passion

by The WizardStar
(Online with Kasamba)

We all hear about people who are kind, loving, assist others and do just about everything. From cooking to sewing to landscaping, these individuals, without doubt, are viewed by others as the cornerstones of society. They're the dependable soul down the street, the one who pays it forward, the neighbor who bakes cookies for the new family that just moved in, the caretaker who brings soups to an elderly neighbor, the best friend who holds the baby showers and the parent who decorates the homemade birthday cake, makes the lunches and then heads off to a full-time career.

You'll find them in the ice rink, cheering on a son or daughter during the hockey game before driving an exhausted player home only to start cleaning the house, washing the dog, ironing the uniform,doing the shopping, getting the library books back on time, returning home to make dinner and then starting a few more chores! The point is, where do you fit in? If you're nodding your head and thinking, "Hmmm, sounds like me," then take account of what is! Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to help others, but you have to keep it in check and remember that you are the only "you" you have and you are the first priority.

Are you the one who over does it, the people-pleaser, the one the world seems to depend on? Stop! Yes, we all like to be acknowledged, but it can't come at the expense of losing your own identity. First, think about why you feel a need to be an over-achiever. Second, ask yourself who is doing things for you? Does anyone in the family do as much for you as you do for them? Probably not, and the reason why is because you've conditioned them to think you'll automatically do everything. In the midst of all this, what are you doing for you?

Before you grab another grocery list, stop the clock and do a self-check. Ask yourself, "What can I do for me that makes me happy? What are the things on my self-care "inner wink" list?" After all, happiness does come from within the confines of your own heart; it's not really others that are going to give you inner happiness. Again, ask "What have I done for myself recently that made me feel great?" While it's nice being the "outer wink" - the caregiver to family and society, and attending to the needs of others, nurturing them - start to nurture you. Self-care is vital; you must spiritually and emotionally love yourself first and do for you, meaning that you take care of the inner you. Set aside the time. Sometimes we are indeed a sandwich generation, and for some that means being responsible for caring for the family (children and partner), and perhaps looking after elderly parents as well. You have to ensure your own sleep, hygiene, nutrition, essentially keeping your temple healthy in the process of caring for others. Yes, it's a work-life balance as well as a spiritual self-care balance.

Too many souls are running off trying to save the day, and the world, the family and maybe someone else's too because they are the caregivers, over-doers, over-achievers with a need for perfection. Stop it! You're worrying far too much and your energy will indeed get off-balance. So do an about-face and start attending to some of your inner needs, just as you would tend to your spiritual garden of hope, or well-planted calla lilies and morning glories. You need to tend your garden of life and plant the seeds so that they too will blossom into a nice bumper crop right away, and then a full crop later on in which you can bask.

Start with your own authentic passions, be it going back to college, taking an online course, obtaining some spiritual books or doing crafts. Get proactive - build or paint something, put on your music, write, journal or have fun making a "Dream Come True" board with all your wishes and hopes on it. Take courses, even jewelry-making or a one-day seminar! How about getting involved in the arts, with clay and pottery and putting your creativity level into full throttle? How about yoga, swimming or Pilates? What makes you passionate about your life?

What is it that you wish to do, your calling, your "inner wink"? Get in touch with this part of yourself. Learn to have fun and play in the sandbox of life again. One must champion the calling they have within, use it and welcome the newness. Perhaps you're in a career you dislike, and thinking "Mom and Dad wanted you to be a ...?? Well, that may have been their hope and dream, but your "inner wink" of passion, your own authentic values of what you are meant to do, is sitting right under your hat.

You are drawn to something, it feels right, you fear it but you take the risk, and move career paths. Or you take time out and actually go on a small retreat. Even two days away can change your perspective and help you get in touch with the inner you. If we don't take risks, we don't grow and be our best. If we fear, then that equates to self-doubt. Don't doubt your path or your heart. Let go and live! Walk your passion and path the way your are meant to and don't hold back.

Sometimes all we need is a prompt, so I am here to give you one. I hope that I have provoked some positive thoughts for you and enabled you to be more proactive. To sum it up:

  1. Stop doing so much for others that you neglect yourself.

  2. Affirm that you do deserve happiness, love and to work in whatever is your

  3. Affirm inside that you are a spontaneous human being, made in the divine, and
    deserve to work in the best career ever - one that you choose, the one that is
    calling you.

  4. Get away, take time for you and ensure you do it. I reiterate, ensure you do it!

  5. Get into your books, study, learn a craft, do art, take yoga, journal, write
    from your heart, listen to music, meditate, get a massage.

  6. Something that is wonderful to do is taking a look at all that Mother Nature has
    given us for free to see, feel, touch, walk on and have kid-like fun. Take
    photos of all that Mother Nature shows us, as nature does speak to the inner
    you. Or what about getting a pet, even a nice calm fish to watch, or building a
    spiritual garden filled with all your delights? Claim it, love it, and most of
    all, have fun with it.

  7. Time to get in touch with what resonates with you, what is your calling? Your
    inner passion? Sit and journal, write it out, what are your dreams?

Please remember self care and your "inner wink" - to look after your body, your temple, your mind, soul, spirit and attitude, is paramount. You are very special, made in perfection, and you deserve to have it all, to be the best person you can be.

May you have a Blessed Day.

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