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Starting with Renaming

I have felt strange and different all my life, and yet I have had a connectedness and winding but recognizable path for most of this time...

Forgot my way for a while and it took the universe to send me a serious illness before I stopped in silence and listened. My mother is the reason I am still around. She didn't just accept, she welcomed and my brother who has had it far harder being this way. Still I am getting used to the terms indigo and crystal, but I do recognize myself in these stories. Thank you all...

I feel on multiple levels, live with hypercolours and smells and tastes, am often overloaded with joy... currently reading 16 books at once. I need silence and space to regenerate and connect before I can go out again to work. It took a decade to finish one degree, and I am just starting another finally in support of peace building work. I cannot bring myself to write in the form I am expected, but have usually managed to find places to create in my own way. I use words to touch, as touch is not allowed. But I find that people become afraid even of words... and that’s okay...

I am learning more every day, most from children and some women, and my heart work is as a catalyst and dream weaver. And to stand with young people, I recognize young indigos easily, and they me, sometimes with resistance on both our parts. The art of life moves me to tears and laughter, as does colour, kindness and nature. I feel singing and vibrations in all, and I am everyday learning to unlearn, relearn and release.

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