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Stuck Indigo.

by Izzy

Hi! My name is Izzy and I am 16 going into 11th grade. 6th grade is when I started noticing something a little different about me. I couldn't explain it but it started out with me being able to tell who would be calling and when, to when certain family members would pass on, predict the songs coming next on the radio, etc. Around the middle of my 7th grade year, I have no clue what I was looking up but I came across this site and began reading sporadically for a few days.

Not much really crossed my mind at first but it became my friend in the 9th grade year. 9th grade year was when I really found out that I do have a gift. I've met only 3 others so far in person; each one different from the other. Two of them could see spirits and the other is an aura reader. Me? I read people and "see" spirits by sensing their energy.

Lately I've felt like I am stuck or/and am here for something else. People always say only you can find your real purpose, but I can't find that first step to take it. The 3 people who I have met all have drifted away so I can't just go up to anyone and ask them questions. I felt I could ask people on here if they have ever been in my position and what they did, because it would really help right now. Thanks a bunchens :)

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Aug 10, 2010
No worries...
by: Tee're not alone. I definitely experienced something similar when I was your age (33 now). i don't know what your spiritual or religious beliefs are but i was raised catholic so during that time, i turned to my faith and prayed and meditated A LOT. i would speak to my God by talking about how i felt without keeping anything to myself. i was 14 when i started hearing my angels respond. don't expect clear directions or answers to your questions though. what i got (and still get) are more motivational or calming words. like, when i was so depressed one time in high school, i was crying myself to sleep and i "heard" a voice say, "close your eyes and tomorrow will be a better day." i'm not trying to push religion on you. it's just that i think that those times made me listen to myself first and it clarified the moments for me.

Jul 06, 2010
to: stuck Indigo (izzy)
by: Anonymous

Having a gift such as yours and being young can be confusing. I believe you need to look within for the answers. Get some guided meditation cd's and learn how to meditate and alter your consciousness. Then you can find your spirit guides who are there to help you find your way.

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