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Tarot Ability and Mystery

by Shirley Reinert
(St Petersburg - Florida)

The tarot holds the secrets of time. Past, present and future; it’s the eye of the world.

I am a gifted intuitive who uses the tarot every day. I pull a card a day just to uplift my spirit and keep an even balance of my inner strength. You could gain daily insight by looking at a Tarot Card each day as well. Much joy, as well as sorrow, can pour out of the tarot as they speak to you.

The energy from within can unfold for you. Even when a friend of mine, who had never picked up a deck before, was given some photos on 3x5 cards she became amazed of what she could feel and see in the Tarot.

Reading tarot cards is not just a pallor game and does not have any evil energy as some would claim. They have enhanced my psychic abilities to a level that sometimes even I question.

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