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by Shannon

Knowledge is empowering, and your life has an energy and power all its own. However, knowledge of itself holds no power until directed toward some goal. As a naturally born psychic/empath and the myriad of powerful and insightful gifts this entails, I use the focus that Tarot provides me to promise you a compassionate insight into the energetic, spiritual and guided influences that are currently affecting your life. By 'tuning-in' to your personal energy, it is my strongest desire to give you the knowledge to empower, guide, and inspire you to live a life filled with purpose, prosperity, peace, ease, Grace, and Light.

Being born empathic has always allowed me to fully experience what other people are feeling: emotionally, physically and sometimes even mentally. I don’t really care what you’re thinking as much as how you’re feeling about what you’re thinking. Every empath has guides; Spirits, angels, psychic abilities, and depending on the situation some or all will manifest to help me decipher what I’m getting about you. Because I can get caught up in the moment empathically sharing your energy, reading your situation from a psychic, or guided point of view helps me to understand the situation better – from a higher point of view. Tarot gives me a way to focus all that information into a more tangible form so I can help you to get the knowledge you need from the reading and understand what to do with it.

Because I become intimately attached to your energy – feeling what you feel – the Tarot allows me to focus on the question at hand, to formulate an answer that fits with what I am feeling, seeing and sensing about the energy pervading your life.

Tarot cards are a way to focus in on specific questions regarding your situation and a simple way for me to explain what I am getting so that you may better understand your situation. My goal is to help answer your questions. Some questions you may not even be aware that you’re asking. I'm kind, compassionate, and I truly care about helping you! I will answer questions on past, present, future, finances, career, and love, past lives, spirit guides, and animal totems.

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Extremely Accurate
by: Tania

Shannon did a reading for me about a year and a half ago, she was extremely accurate about the situations in my life, including the birth of my son and a move! Shannon is kind, compassionate, and she doesn't sugar-coat things. She tells it as she sees it, in a loving way! She brought tears to my eyes, everything she told me resonated with me on the highest level. She is truly one of a kind and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance!

Five Star Rating
by: Terry Tilson

When I first met Shannon about a month ago on her facebook group Psychic Readings by Shannon, the vibe I felt from her was very positive, fresh and exciting. Shannon's enthusiasm and energy was undeniable. She is wonderful about responding to inquiries and following up, and Shannon is a great communicator; all excellent qualities! In my personal tarot reading, I LOVED how she presented it to me, her intuitive feelings on the cards that she drew and her insights on my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy, and life situation. In so many ways, Shannon was "right on" in her perceptions pertaining to me and my inquiry, that it was uncanny. Clearly, it was obvious that I was dealing with a professional psychic healer. Shannon really gets your attention, and her reading forced me to reflect on myself, helping me to see my life from a different, fresh perspective, guiding me through the foggy mist of insecurity and self-doubt shrouding me, like a beacon of bright, white, healing light. Shannon Andrews has made a believer out of me. Her gift is authentic and her desire to help others genuine. Anyone wanting healthy change in their life and positive guidance would benefit greatly by knowing Shannon Andrews. I strongly recommend Shannon as a psychic healer, a spirit guide, and a friend. ~ Terry Tilson

Psychic Tarot with Shannon Andrews
by: Joanne Robitaille

Had a Celtic Cross Tarot Card reading. It was spot on...amazing to me the issues that she picked up! I plan on doing other types of readings with Shannon and have family and friends already asking me how to get their readings :) Great Job!

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