Teen Predictions Accurate

by T.J. McFadden
(WV, United States)

Accurate Teen Predictions

Accurate Teen Predictions

I'm going to go ahead and say this now, I'm a 15 year old psychic and I can see into the future. I was on the way to visit my father who is also a psychic, and I had three consecutive visions.

I saw that there were going to be two car accidents on the way, that there was going to be a huge storm, and that there would be an African American working the cash register at the gas station that we always stopped at.

Well we got started and the first thing that came true was the storm that I predicted, and within 20 minutes of the storm we had passed the two accidents that I predicted... I even got the color of the cars right. The last prediction I thought wouldn't come true but you probably can guess that it did.

It was the weirdest thing that has happened to me because most of the time my predictions are around 80-90% accurate, less when they are consecutive. I can't read people that well but communicating with spirits and making predictions for around 9 years can be pretty freaky.

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Sep 07, 2011
by: Sophie

Hi I'm fully aware of your ability. I recall having them since the age of seven. during my teenage years I was confused about it but they became stronger and clearer to me as I got older. Now I'm more accepting and less scared because I understand it. My ability includes visionary dreams, and sensing other peoples pain or when something is wrong or about to go wrong. I don't like it because it cause me a lot of anxiety and discomfort so I'm trying to have some control over it. To my amazement it does work a bit.

Feb 03, 2009
by: theparanormal


I'm Liz, a 14 year old girl, almost 15... I started getting future visions just like you about a year and a half ago... except, mine happen in dreams when I go to bed at night. I see things that happen next day usually, but occasionally I'll get some that happen in two weeks. But I have had two that go further into the future. I'll tell you that it scared the crap out of me at first. But that's not all. I also am highly aware of the supernatural world. I have visions at night of my lost loved ones, having full out conversations about the present with them. but I also hear background noises that I know are ghosts and spirits, and see them, smell them (weird I know but they all have their own smell) and funny thing is no one else hears or see's anything that's ridiculously clear to me. Glad to hear I'm not alone. e-mail me at proud2balarkin @ aim . com if you wanna talk. You are surrounded by pure white light of the universe...check it out sometime!!!

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