That alone feeling is an illusion!

by MathewIsOk

Before we left "home" we were at oneness with everything, creation and creator alike. Then we chose to incarnate on the physical plane, planet earth.

Before we could though we had to forget on purpose our knowledge of the oneness and the astral plane. So we're born on earth, humans. Earth exists on the physical plane and the astral plane. The disconnectedness is only an illusion bred by fear. Here on earth we are not alone, never have been and never will be.

Our family is with us always on the astral plane. I see so many say they feel so alone. Take heart, you are not alone. Don't worry about finding others, we need to focus on our mission. Love. Spread the love and the light and let it heal.

If your unsure what you should be doing, then maybe finding ways to get out into your community and sharing love spreading light is the answer. But don't let fear lie to you anymore.

You aren't alone.

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