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The Indigo

by Troy

Hey, my Name's Troy, I just turned 14. My whole family knew I was special at such a young age, but I think the only person who could predict what I'd become was me.

I was born silent. My two older siblings cried very loud at birth, while I was a silent child. I only whimpered and looked at the hospital room.

My Parents begin to notice my high intellect, at around age 3 or 4. I had penetrating electric blue eyes (which are now a dark grey blue) To give you an example of my Intellect at age 3, when we finger painted in preschool, the other kids just pretty much randomly painted all over the page. Slop. Meanwhile, I'd sit in the corner, making patterns you'd make in second or third grade. You know, yellow square, green triangle, blue circle, repeat. My teachers had always been interested in my thought process, well, until recently... but that's towards the end of the story.

At a young age, maybe about 6 now, I was finding how different I was. I realized at age 6 that my head was rather larger in comparison to the rest of my body (especially my neck) I also found me extreme ability to show empathy towards animals. For some reasons, animals liked me. Stray cats would walk around me in my yard (My old house had a family of stray cats) however, these cats would hiss when somebody approached me, or they would run away.

At about first or second grade, I shunned almost all meat. I could not find it humanely right, and more especially, my body could no longer tolerate it. I still cannot eat ant meat, except for very occasionally chicken. I found my heating habits were very peculiar. I ate an insane amount of fruits, and grains. Still annoyed with most vegetables, but then again, most children were.

At about second grade, I began to start breaking away from the social ladder. Kids would be playing sports why I would be sitting under a tree, spying birds. Like I said, I had lots of feeling for animals. I still have not played on a sports team to this day.

Around third grade, my head finally seemed proportionate to my body, and my hair was turning slowly from blonde to brown as I was slowly becoming more of an outcast. I was, at this point, truly different. It was strange; I was everybody's friend when I was 6, not around 9, I was separated. I was so different. I was the nerd, I didn't have glasses (yet) but I was into the technology of the world.

At fourth grade, I finally got glasses, and I was made fun of even more, than I had been. My little made up, but so real seeming (still real) place, was my only release. Fifth grade was no different. My hair was completely brown, now.

Middle school is where it all changed. I began hearing my mom tell me stories about Indigo people. She told me she met a psychic who told me my aura was Indigo... something my mom said she also has seen. In fact, she said she saw it when I was born. Anyways, I became intrigued in what I was. I read all I could, and found it fascinating how accurate descriptions were of me. Except, the only parts that don't match me are the religious part, because I'm atheist, and the part about having ADD or ADHD, which I don't have. In fact, I almost feel I’m focus don everything at the same time. Also, around this time, I moved to a new house (we were sort of evicted) and I was deeply depressed. I loved that house like a family member; in fact, it was our family's home that my grandfather built. However, the new house I'm in, I have a large woodland area behind the house, A place Is spend much my time in, because, you know, I'm an animal empath. But I was slowly becoming aware of my decline in empathy towards people. I discovered the idiots there are in the world and sort of gave up on mankind in general, until I realized probably a year later, they're not all bad. I also found at this time, I could feel all the emotions of people, and no longer could feel my own. I couldn't feel many emotions on my own... I would feel exactly the way someone else would when I was with them... Quite an interesting ability, but gets really annoying when You want to feel sad, but can't because everyone else is happy, or want to feel angry, but everyone else is sad, I am forced to go with the flow emotionally, and sometimes it makes me angry I can't feel many emotions myself.

These last two years were a spike in my Indigo activity. I find I can change the height and width of any natural burning fire with hand commands. I find tap water disgusting now. I ate less meat, my sensitivity becoming more intense. I found I could calm animals, make them stop moving so I could examine them, all through thought. I even summoned animals a few times, but that's another story. But at this point my grades started to slip. My straight A's and occasional b's turned to A's, B's, and C's. The school system was unfair to people like me. I'm sick all the time, and can never turn in late work, lowering my grade. And minor things, like leaving homework at home because I'm so forgetful, keeps me down.

Teachers began to anger me. I just wanted everyone to see my perspective... because everyone who didn't hated me. My life was hard, and everyone at school makes it harder. One day, I think I’ll publish a memoir, or make a speech about my life, so people know all the crap I've been through...

Then, recently, my mom told me a story that blew my mind (this is the last part, I promise, thank you for reading all of this)

She told me, when I was young, My mom flew to Idaho, a long ways away, because we live on the east coast. She played a claw machine, and won two stuffed animals, a monkey, and a bear. While my mom was in Idaho, I had no contact with her, neither did My Dad. Before My Mom came home, she discarded the monkey, and brought the bear home.... And even though I had not seen the monkey stuffed animal, or had heard about it, I knew all about how my mom got it, and said the words "I would have liked the Monkey better". My parents looked at me astonished, because I described it to them, completely in sync with what my mom's description was, without even hearing about it, seeing it, or even hearing my mom won two stuffed animals.

Thank you all for reading all of this, there is more to my Indigo story, things I didn't include, Like sensing and seeing ghosts, seeing evil spirits, seeing guardian angels, and also sensing danger before it happened, as well as living with demons in my household. All stuff I my write about at a later date.

And lastly, to all you indigos, stay strong. Don't be afraid to be different, and don't be afraid to tell a close friend about being an Indigo. To all of you people, who don't believe in Indigos, quit hating, and go troll somewhere else.

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