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The Snapshot

by D
(N. California USA)

I'm here because today I had a weird vision. I am not psychic, but have had many dreams when I'd wake up and what was going on was directly related to the dream. My dreams range from a relative's death to Jay Leno's hospital visit. So they are both personal and non. I believe I have ESP, as do we all to some degree. My dreams aren't that common, but I am used to them now.

But what happened today was different. It was not a dream. This morning I was very sick. So this afternoon I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes to rest. Suddenly, I saw a clear picture, like an old snapshot of a man. The picture looked like it was from the late 1960's or early 1970's. The man was about 30, had black hair in the style of the Beatles mop heads. He was wearing a dark tan suit. He had an olive complexion, a wide nose and was smiling. I think his eyes were blue.

The picture faded as quickly as it appeared. I opened my eyes thinking, that was very strange to get such a vivid picture while I was awake. I closed my eyes again and the name "Donald" came to mind. I didn't hear it, it just came to mind. I wondered if the man's name was Donald. I used to ghost hunt, so I asked (both in my head, then later out loud) If anyone named Donald was trying to contact me and if he wanted to talk or show me anything else. I have not receieved any signs so far.

If this were a dream, I wouldn't find it strange. But it was a quick vision and I have never had that happen before, at least not in this way. I will see things when I am falling asleep, but this photo was so quick and clear like someone was showing it to me.

Honestly, I think I was probably just sick and exhausted, but this was a new experience for me.

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