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Timothy B. Jr. (toadthelostone)

by Timothy B. toadthelostone
(wooster,ohio USA)

Before you read further first of all I will say how I found out about being an indigo child. My friend’s Dad had been showing me some videos from a production thing called destiny and so on 8/23/2008 I decided to look into some destiny videos on you tube and came across indigo crystal and rainbow children. And the more I watched the more curious I became and the more it made sense. So I decided to look more up on Google and I came across websites like the ones I have listed below. A lot of them hit home and so I read a lot more and decided to take a few simple tests I found. They kept going back to same thing and the more I read and more of the tests I did the clearer it became why I felt different from every one around me and why I had the gifts I have and what disables them... I also list my results from one test which really intrigued me.

Sorry for the long post if it bugs you but it has a lot of info and people will relate to it.

So here is the other post and the website I went to for the aura test.

Just wondering is it odd for anyone to identify with more than one or two color auras?
I went to and my tops where as follows…

and then for the RED OVERLAY 2

So is this odd for either an indigo or crystal/rainbow child? Please let me know as it will help others too if they think the same way, thank you.
This is from a post I did on

Only listed most of the noticeable gifts, anyone relate?

I’ll make mine somewhat easy here is a copy from one of the other posts I replied in which is from the post Gifts or symptoms?
I changed a few pieces to make a little better since and any one have these mark the number in a reply so I can see if any one else relates and I’ll work on tallying them and repost in a blog once I get the page making figured out so we all can see what seems to be the more dominate traits/gifts
(My gifts that I’m not sure how to put)

I’m listing several gifts I have could also be considered indigo abilities forgive the spelling
1. I can sense and see the history and future of a person in a way at a glance and tell wither the yare good or bad to be near along those lines as it may be
2. I can understand just about any language thrown at me but cant translate for other people or speak it back but understand it completely with no problem
3. I can see what you call bubbles or floaters just by slight adjustment of my sight and plus I can see the rippling energies all around everyone and thing and slightly manipulate it in a sense but that drains me to a degree and change the distance as I can see just by focusing
4. I can also feel hear and smell and see a lot better then anyone I have met some noises give me a head ach quick witch hurts a lot and some smells will do the same and the feel also sense if you will fell the energies of people and there moods same with nature
5. When I was in high school this ability was high which is what some call it de ja vu I call it foresight usually happened when I was sleeping
6. Animals and little children take a likening to me really easy
7. I can heal really quick and easily but not as much since having to get my shots to go to college and (on top of that when I got them my body got really cold and stiff like it was trying to reject the shots for about a hour to a hour and a half) since the abilities have been harder to use and are less apparent do to the fake medicines in the world I hardly ever got sick also tell the shots deal I want to relearn to bring them out again or meet other indigo/crystal like people to restore them again hate docs and modern medicine they a waste of time and blocks my gifts
8. Not a gift but I love nature and music and everything that has a harmony or true enlightened sense to it very relaxing and feels true to the truth of our true purpose and they feel like they renewing my energy/strength
9. I also have a very good unconscious sense of direction I can walk just about any where with out realizing it just only where I want to go and I do what some consider daydreaming I do it a lot. don’t like crowds during fair time I go early then about noon I stay a way if I can to much over flow of feelings of hate anger and many others and the tangled mess of energies drive me to want to hide and shield my self from everything because it hurts some times a lot
10. I like the slight mention of feeling and adding taste here early up the list I can feel other peoples felling and my mood changes depending on the weather and nature around me. I am very picky on what I eat don’t like preserved foods nasty tasting usually especial top of my list MC DONALDS hate eggs they have been modified to a degree to where they are not natural so I just about shoot them up my body rejects certain foods fast so I try to stay to natural un modified foods and my sense of taste is so strong I cant just about anything in anything I go to eat for example meat I have to have fully cooked to well done or else I cant taste all the metals and other stuff just from a minute trace of blood or what ever watches they die fast or break and they lasts usually a month or 2 on batteries life if I don’t lose it first so I don’t wear one and I usually got a head pain with more then 7 people around me in a space of 6-7 feet not sure why any ideas?

I feel more secluded and better of when I am not near a lot of people unless they are like me then I fell at peace and harmony in a way

And im only 20 almost 21 and I knew I was not like other people and I do want to learn more about my gifts and others I might have and meet others like me I live in Wooster Ohio not many with the abilities/gifts so any one who relates to me please let me know and anyone who can help flourish my gifts or restore them let me know to I would really appreciate it thank you all who are like me

If you don’t reach me at sunfell or here my email is looking forward to see if any else matches what I have listed.

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Jan 13, 2010
Aura Colours
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
regarding your question on aura colours, I visited the website you posted (thanks for the link - great site!) and found that I identified with quite a few colours too. My results are as follows; (I have only listed colours scoring 7 or above)

* Indigo - 11
* Blue - 9
* Violet - 7
* Lavender - 7
* Sensitive Tan - 7
* Yellow - 7
* Crystal - 7
* Red Overlay - 3

7 seems like quite a high score to me to have for a colour, but because I score higher for blue and indigo I think that means they are my dominant colours and the others are there in the background, so to speak. So perhaps you have a more equal measure of the colours you listed, rather than have one or two dominant colours?

I would love to be able to see auras, I know it is something you can learn with practice, I can see a slight "glow" when observing someone or my hand against a white background, but that's about it! I can tell if someone has good "vibes" or bad vibes though, and also get those feelings about places as well. I cannot stand crowds either by the way, they have always made me feel panicky, very stressed and claustrophobic, hate them.

Dec 04, 2009
by: Kamerun

I met you in an Indigo Chat room and you mentioned your blog. Everything you state I feel the same way. Large crowds can get to me unless I can find a place that is away from them and near trees where I can just relax and daydream.
My parents had the worst sense of direction so I naturally took over and found that not only could I navigate places I have never been, once I have been to a place, I will never forget where everything is.

You are not alone!

Dec 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

it best....
i like it....

Sep 04, 2008
by: Chrissy from NY

You definitely have it, a lot more than me.
I can't see the energy around people,I can read people,and can tell if they are going to have a future. If it is dark or light. I can tell if they are a dark identity or if they are light. I am drawn to people that have something to hide because I can feel when they're up to no good. I got myself in trouble twice with that.

Now I know to mind my own business.

To learn more about your abilities, is to just explore people and write down logs on them,
mainly the people who stick out to you, Maybe some day we can find a school for this ability we have, but for right now we can only explore what we have, and try to learn to be better at our visions, just don't let it put stress on your mind.

Have you ever read Sylvia Brown's books? The
best one to read is The Other Side and Back.

It helped me a lot.

I have a brother with the same ability as I. We
speak of it now and then when I see him, and speak to each other about the new people we meet.

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