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Transforming Into An Indigo Angel


It's going to take alot more than just us!!

It's going to take alot more than just us!!

I'm a fifty year old woman Indigo and very proud of it. My story is the same as everyone else. I too have always been different than everyone else I knew. I too was always searching for "THE" answers. I still am. However, I have passed the point of just plain being Indigo. That's a given. A No-brainer as us old folks may put it.

Right now I am transforming into an angel. It is totally unbelievable. It feels so wonderful to know so much, feel so much and see so much. It's like having a filing cabinet in my head or maybe it's in my soul, I'm not quite sure were all this stuff comes from, but it blows me away.

I'm not afraid of anything. Never was. I possess such power over people and any given situations that it's almost sickening. I can make anyone do whatever I want them to. I can get, have or do whatever I want to. There are NO limitations.

With the rest of the world, I don't have to say or do anything. All it takes is for someone to look into my eyes. It's done with my mind and I don't always have complete control over it.

Strangers, within minutes of being in my presence are totally captured by me. I know everything about them and never ever hesitate to bring out that hard done by soul of theirs. (I say that only because most people that you meet today are negative, angry, narrow-minded, cold, Calais people.) I pick away at that hard exterior shell until I expose their inner being and release them into a level where they thought they could never go. It starts with them smiling. As soon as that smile is cracked, it's like I can see walls and years of frustration, pain and bitterness escaping from them.

It feels fantastic to be able to help people get rid of all that ugliness that most of them have been carrying around over the years. Some of them are tougher to crack than others, but trust me, they can all be broken down. It might not happen the first time, but that first time gave them the trust to come to you again and usually by the second encounter, they become like butter in your hands.

While I live my life "THIS LIFE" I feel as if there are many souls around me. Nurturing and guiding me. I know my purpose. And everyday I get up in the morning (5:30am) and set out to accomplish that mission.

I personally have 2 guardian angels and an Arc angel looking after me and mine. I remind my children almost daily, that they are from a divine blood-line. They don't think I'm nuts...they know all to well, that, they themselves have something special in them that is blossoming and growing each and every day.

I feel that I will be part of a leadership team of some kind in some place at some time in the future. Take heed fellow Indigo's. The secret is in your eyes. Get then to look into your eyes. Once they look into your eyes (which by the way, not many people look you in the eyes these days) but when they do look you in the will have them. Go get them. Dig deep. Pull them out of the hell's to which they are living. Wipe the frowns off their faces. Teach them of their importance and value in this life and the lives to come.

You have the ability to change the person at a time. Unless of coarse you can work with groups. If that's the case then work fast. Get as many as you can. When we do progress into the new world we will need as many old souls, angels, indigo's and good people as possible. Chow for now. Mountaingirl_50

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Sep 20, 2012
Indigo transitioning into an Angel
by: Zen_Thompson

Wow! I feel my wings developing & am grateful to possess the ability to change a person's negative energy into love. It is quite amazing. Thank you for the confirmation that my mission is one not traveled alone....#inspire

Dec 11, 2010
Indigo Candor
by: Blyss

I love your candor and believe it is pointless to engage in any other manner. Why are my fellow humans so unable to...well anyhow thank you. I understand completely what it is you speak so directly of.

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