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True Ouija Board Ghost Story

by Dymondezra
(Washington State)

True Ouija Board Ghost Story

True Ouija Board Ghost Story

When I was a teenager my friends and I took a deep dive in the practice of black magic. We studied conjuration, invocations, and even divination. We got pretty lost for quite some time deep in the web of darkness. A Lot of amazing, spooky things happened along the way. I ended up going to church and rededicating my life to Jesus. I stopped completely until one day...

My best friend came knocking on my door and told me she found a Ouija board in her mother’s new storage unit. It didn't belong to her mom and her mother was going to throw it out, so she kept it. It was so old and rustic, and myself having dedicated my life to the lord I wanted no part of it. I left my room and went and spoke with my mother briefly. My sister came home so we all were just hanging out in my room. My sister was a big part of our church at the time, she was involved in ministering. We were just hanging out and my friend Ashley came over. My best friend showed her the board and she wanted to give it ago. I said they could do it somewhere else not in my house. They eventually convinced me to let them play and play they did.

Here is my story....

Two of my good friends were sitting on the floor of my bedroom and opened the board. They both were meditating so hard, but nothing happened. I laid on my bed and tried to ignore them, but I was watching from the corner of my eye. My sister came back upstairs and immediately was disgusted with what they were doing. But after some time with nothing happening and a little bit of peer pressure she decided it wasn't real and she would give it a try as well. After twenty minutes still nothing happened. It was quite amusing. All of the sudden we all heard this big loud bang coming from my window or wall. I jumped up to see what was happening thinking someone was outside doing something or another friend came an saw what was going on and wanted to spoke the girls. No one was there. I sat back down and brushed it off, but my sister had terror all of her face. We all were talking trying to make sense of what had happened, but I kept telling them it was nothing. I got up to grab my mocha off the table and the finger board the Ouija flung at me. No one touched it, no one was even by it at that moment. I saw in my head it moving and spelling out a name I dare not write or mention that my friends and I tried to take in which studying the black arts. Nobody else saw it spell it out. At this point I am intrigued. I told them to let's play that I was ready now and all of them except for my sister wanted to play. I begged her and told her she could not leave the circle or we would have to close it. I convinced her. We all were going play. I meditated heavily on this name and my friend asked, is there anyone here with a message? or does anyone want to speak? About 3 minutes into it, it began to move spelling out the name, and then spelled we are here. I knew my sister was probably terrified so I put my hand on her shoulder and told her it was going to be ok, Jesus is with us always.

We began talking with an entity for an hour. Then things got a little weird. Another entity came to board. When he spoke the finger board moved fast very, very fast. The rocking horse started moving on its own and everyone was spooked, including me at that point. I went to look at my sister to reassure her and she was absolutely calm. We continued playing and now my attention was on my sis I knew something was right with her. The next time I looked at her she was dripping with sweat, she looked like she just got out of the shower. I said stop guys and asked my sister if she was ok. She didn't respond. I shook her and asked her if she was ok again and she looked up at me with a face I did not recognize. It was young and gray and wet. When she looked up my friends all screamed and I was scared but tried to remain calm. Just as I was about to speak she burst out in tears, and she began sobbing in a childlike voice. She told us her name was Peter and she was 5 years old. She was swimming in a river with her brothers and sisters and when he came out of the water they were gone. All of us were looking at my sister while she was telling us this. She started sobbing harder and harder, it actually got my mom to come and check on what was going on. When she reached upstairs she seen my sister and asked her what was wrong with her and she turned to my mom and my mom started freaking out. I immediately started to pray over her and was praying so long that I didn't notice my aunt had time to get there. My mother called my aunt she came over praying over her too. Eventually my sister came back to her normal self but was crying so hard. She was so cold. My aunt ended up taking my sister home with her and the experience was so traumatic to my sister that she didn't return for two months.

Ok so back to that day they took my sis out of there and I was done... I did not want to play anymore. The board started to write out obscene things... like you dumb bitches, one person left and you cannot close up now. I knew what that meant, and I was so, so scared. We closed the board as best as we could anyways. Everyone went home, and I got one hell of a scolding from my mother.

That night as I was getting ready for bed I went to close the curtains to my room and in the window was an old woman. She had some kind of scarf on her head concealing her hair. She was wearing like an old European dress of that of a servant or something. She just looked up at me starring. I was surprisingly scared out of my wits. I have seen many darker things than an old lady but she was right in my face and it pretty much scared the shit out of me. I went to look again, and she was gone. Ever since that night nothing has ever been the same in our old house. Lights go on and off, doors open and shut, you hear soft sobs, and you feel the presence of an evil that weighs you down.

I grew up and moved out of there, but the house is still in the family. I can't help but feel like I took a big part in opening a door way there.

You wouldn't believe who lives there now... my sister and her husband.

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