The True Past Life Experiences Of Others
And How To Have Your Own

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When we have the true past life experiences that illuminate our remarkable journeys of consciousness and our evolving souls, we can diminish our fears of death.

So - relax, counting back slowly now:  10 - 9 - 8 -7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - and as you do so  find yourself enter into the adventures of reincarnation that follow.

How To Get True Past Life Experiences Time And Again

Many of us have experienced Deja vu at some time or other. The strong feeling we have experienced some place or person before.  Some of us drawn to a certain era and the clothes they wore. In our day and age, we have a very clear idea of the oppressive hierarchy of ancient Egypt, the rigid rules of old Japan, the grim reality of Victorian England, yet these and many other epochs have us drawn to them. 

Reincarnation and with it the idea of past lives has appeared and reappeared as a spiritual concept throughout the ages, religious movements and schools of thought. The notion of an immortal soul moving from one body to another in succession certainly makes more logical sense than a lot of other metaphysical scenarios and, judging from experiences of various people to report on it, seems a notion worth exploring.

We do live other lives and we do have blocks from this life and others.  In society we treat the body and the mind and forget about the Spirit.  Yet it is our Spirit that will go on after the body dies so we best make sure it’s as healthy as it can be. 

Past life regression aids personal growth and spirituality by defining past lives karma. It helps you improve your body, soul, relationships, and mental health, and shapes your future life. 

Unlocking Your Own True Past Life Experiences Can Help You :

  • Find out how a past life can affect your present and future conditions.
  • Learn if you were together in the same relationship before.
  • Understand the feelings of déjà-vu. If you've not been somewhere before, and yet you identify with certain areas, cultures, without knowing why.
  • Discover how your past life is impacting on the present.
  • See who your lovers were in a past life.
  • Clear phobias.
  • Hear what somebody in the past is wanting to tell you.
  • Create a road map to your past lives so that you can explore them on your own without the need for hours of hypnotic therapy.
  • Explain your birthmarks.
  • See why your soul made choices to bring people, and/or situations in your present life.
  • Solve mysteries of your past lives.
  • Realize that psychical death is not the end.

One's own spirituality can be born from true past life experiences.

The definition of reincarnation has been the subject of heated theological discussion for many years, even centuries. Many religions refuse to acknowledge the possibility of reincarnation, and demonize the concept of living past lives. However, the Buddhist and Taoist monks, as well as the high priests of East India, have acknowledged the possibility of reincarnation for centuries and have, in many cases, proven it to exist.

Has science proven the possibility? Einstein stated that energy cannot be destroyed and all things and people are made of energy. So, when we die, the energy is still there, and it must go somewhere. Is it possible for your energy to pass into another body and live on? I believe it can! There are ways to discover your own evidence of reincarnation. With past life regression we may unearth a trail of past lives and a path to future incarnations.

Usually, past life regression is done with the help of a person specialising in the field but the obvious question arises - do you really need a professional hypnotherapist or a psychic medium to guide you into past lives, or can you do it all by yourself?

The answer is - yes. Self guided past life regression is indeed possible and, for many people, preferable to one guided by a third party. Being such a deeply personal and intimate topic, true past life experiences are perhaps best accessed alone, in seclusion. This way, the feeling may be more liberating and the stress and shame of inadvertently blurting out something embarrassing in front of a psychic or hypnotist is avoided altogether. Your true past life experiences and memories remain your own to examine in peace.

How Can You Find Out About Your Past Lives?

Dreaming True Past Life Experiences

Have you been dreaming of a past life? Your subconscious mind can reveal your own past life in dream.  Try this technique to trigger true past life experiences just before falling asleep. 

The best way to start past life dreaming is by imagining yourself falling backward through time as you fall asleep. Focus on the feeling of being somewhere else. As you do this, you can choose to go back through your life, imagining that you are getting younger and younger. Then, go back to birth. Imagine that you are going beyond your birth. Soon, you will feel like you are falling through to another time all together.

This may take time to train your mind to do, however, after a while, the past life dreams will come and you will want to write them down as soon as you wake up. You may already be having dreams of a past life, or of several past lives. To tell the difference, you will look different in your dream. It will be you, but it will not look like you. If you need help with this process you could read more about Past Life Dreamwork.

Past Life Meditations

Past life regression meditation is a way to go about having your own experiences. You will need to enter a state of mindfulness, avoiding all external influences, and then clear your mind of conscious thoughts. Then begin to focus on a spiritual journey which is not too different from astral projection.

Once you get into that semi-hypnotic state between wakefulness and sleep, try to mentally create a hallway through which you are to pass. Imagine it vividly so that you can use the same astral image every time you want to explore your past lives. Now will your astral frame to walk this hallway, open the door at the end of it (and open your mind with it), being ready to accept whatever you may be able to see.

At first, the images, sounds and sensations may be as simple as smelling the ocean or seeing the color red, the feeling of petting a dog or observing an old house that used to be yours. Sometimes, you may face memories a lot more vivid and a lot less pleasant.

Stay focused, keep your mind open, and accept whatever comes your way. Let memories randomly appear and disappear, as if on a computer screen. Don't question what you see - you will have plenty of time to do that once you're back from your hypnotic trance. Be receptive and you may discover information well beyond your highest expectations.

With practice, images and sensations will become stronger, more detailed and, with them, your connection to your past lives will blossom. Persevere and you will have some fascinating experiences in past life regression.

Past Lives Psychic Reading

Is a past life having an impact on your destiny today? Want to know who you were in your past life? How that may be challenging who you are now? Past lives psychic readings are perfect for those interested in past life exploration. For an alternative approach to heal long standing relationship issues, a consultation that investigates the past lives of you and your partner can reveal the deeper truth about what’s happening in this lifetime together. Past life readings are a great way to help relationships and soulmates heal from past choices.

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Past Life Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is one of the most popular ways to have true past life experiences. The subconscious mind is capable of retaining information based on time for hours, days, even years. A study performed by a University proved this theory. During the test, a hypnotist placed a group of students under hypnosis. They were then told that their subconscious was going to keep precise track of every passing second on a specific signal. The students were then given an exact number of seconds that varied from thousands of second to millions of seconds. They were then given a stop watch and were told that at the end of these seconds, they would have a need to stop the timer, regardless of where they were at and what they were doing. They would then be compelled to return the stop watch and then go about about their regular lives. When each student’s time was finished, they returned their stopwatches. The results proved that the subconscious never forgets. During past life hypnosis you can gain access to your subconscious mind and you are able to access the memories that are left over from the past lives. You may soon be acquiring true past life experiences of your own through hypnosis. 

Past Life Guest Posts

The pages below include content from multiple authors. I have verified and approved these submissions. – Ian Parkin

My Past Life Meditations Amazed Me

My Past Life Meditations Amazed Me
I had been interested in past lives and hypnotism since my early twenties. When I stumbled on the instructions and first tried it out I really did not believe it was going to work. So counting backwards, from 10 to I,  and thinking that I fell asleep, I woke up in a very stark white misty place. These true past life experiences were fascinating. Learn more > >

Dreaming Of A Past Life That Became An Obsession Down Under

Dreaming Of A Past Life That Became An Obsession Down Under
I knew where this place was, I knew its name but each time I searched through an atlas I could never find it. (This was years ago and long before the internet). It became almost an obsession. I knew that I was happily married and the love I felt for my husband in this past life made this whole thing a painful thing for me - I missed him so much! Learn more > >

A Past Lives Psychic Reading That Turned Out To Be  Very True

A Past Lives Psychic Reading That Turned Out To Be  Very True
In this reading I told my client about his most recent past life as a sheriff or police officer. I always encourage people to look up the info and see if they can find themselves. My client was freaked because it was word for word what I said. Learn more > >

The Incredible Near Death Experience That Changed My Life

The Incredible Near Death Experience That Changed My Life
After an incredible near death experience where Psychic Tina’s life had just been played out before her eyes she found her life’s mission in helping others walk through life without fear. Learn more > >

Past Life Reading & Analysis with 3 Free Min & 50% Off

"Who was I in a past life?" "Was my soul mate with me?" "How does that shape my life today?" Our online past life readers can unlock the secrets of your past, guide you through today and help you understand your present better. Get a past life reading now > >

Comments About Your True Past Life Experiences

Glimpse Of My Past Life In A Dream - by Lucy
I have been fascinated with Past Lives for as long as I can remember and I have always felt like I have lived before but one night as I was drifting off to sleep I had a vision/dream which I believe was a glimpse of a Past Life.  In the dream I remember being at the bottom of a big grass hill (It felt like in Scotland) and saying to the people next to me 'I think they have gone now' and feeling a big sense of relief. But after I said this a big group of Celts (probably about 7 or 8 of them) with face paint and swords charged down the hill and chased us.  But then I woke up. This past life dream felt different to a 'normal' dream it felt like a true and distant memory. 

Oscar's Past Life - by Oscar (New Jersey)
During a past live dream I was a knight of the Crusades and fought in battles. I saw a big castle. I was riding on my white horse. I was on the outside and saw the walls of the castle rather high. The floor was rock. I could hear the sound of the horse walking on the hard floors. I had a white cape with a red cross and a spear in my hand and helmet on my head and could see the other knights.

A Truly Remarkable Past Life Reading - by Louise (Canada)
I will never forget this startling past life reading. Not only was it very insightful towards a childhood (and adulthood lol) fear, but it was very shocking and accurate.

As a VERY young child I would have recurring dreams of tornadoes (even before I knew what tornadoes were) and to this day have a very horrible fear of them (I have been in TWO tornadoes when I was a teenager btw). In my past life reading it was revealed that as a child I was unfortunately lost and killed by a tornado that raged through my family's area and farmland. What was shocking was that my psychic told me when my family finally found me, I was stuck underneath a fallen tree; and one of its limbs went right through the right side of my chest, and went right through all the way and came out my back - just by the tip on my shoulder blade. 

Well ... in this life ... I have a HUGE birthmark in that very spot where the tree branch came through. It is very horrible looking and I'm very self-conscious of it ... so I hide it well and NEVER talk about it or draw attention to it in any way. 

DIY True Past Life Experiences - by Authentic Psychic Medium Valerie

Past lives are an amazing way to heal a relationship or even a physical problem. I like to go into meditation for this exercise. This is not your typical meditation; it involves an ability to visualize. I would suggest you get in a place you feel most comfortable, couch, under a tree etc. Then ask your guides to show you some true past life experiences. After this you will get feelings, visions or just a hunch about where you lived. You may just see small clips, at first.

Keep allowing these visions of true past life experiences to flow. At the end of the meditation, visualization, you should be able to have a grasp about where you lived, your relationships and situation. So, if you have neck pain, back pain, this should feel better after a few of these sessions, when you see how you passed/transitioned in your past life/lives. 

Who Else Has True Past Life Experiences To Share?

Past Life Regression Stories

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