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Trying to Save my Mother

by Ashley

The dream began with my whole family and myself eating at a round table, which took place at my previous childhood home. My childhood home is the same house where my father took his life in 2004.

In this dream my two aunts had bought the house and when giving the family a tour there were beautiful flowers everywhere. My two aunts were giving my mother and I a tour outside of the backyard. The backyard looked the same. The only difference was that there used to be a trail leading to the woods and in the dream there was a giant river leading into the woods. My mother and I decided to swim downstream in the dream. Other people were swimming in the river as if it was a tourist spot. The water was a clear turquoise and I could see straight through the water. We were having so much fun. As I was swimming underwater I turned around to look for my mother and there was a black male right in front of my face, just starring at me underwater. I felt a strong sense of fear and kept swimming. When I got to the edge of the river to turn around he was right next to me again and tried stabbing me with a knife. I was able to obtain the knife from him and stab him three times.

For some reason, in the dream, my instincts told me that he wasn't after me, but my mother. My mother was only 15 feet away and I swam to her. When we both turned to look at him, the man was not dead and continued to go after us. My mother was moving rather sluggish, so I had to keep pulling her in the water. I was screaming at her to hurry. Once we made it back to the house, the whole family was already gone. I tried locking all of the doors, but none of them would stay locked. He kept getting closer and closer and then I forced myself to wake up.

The night after this dream, I had a similar nightmare. The nightmare was worse. I can't remember barley any of it but I remember my mother being there and another black male. I can also remember feeling tortured and a great amount of pain in my dream. It is also possible that at one point, I was seeing out of the black males eyes as if I was trapped inside of him.

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