Tsunami Dream Visions

by Serynity

I have had several odd dreams past several years, I live in the Pacific West Coast and know there has to be some connection or warning system telling me something might be upcoming that is endangering and to forewarn others along the coast.

I am not sure if it's only dreams or If I'm taking it too personal. But I do know the feelings are strong and continue to feel like something is about to soon happen, not too sure what or where it is coming from, but the dream I have had was frightening and thinking of it still haunts me.

It was mid-day, no rain but the sunshine was bright, and suddenly I’ve noticed it went grey and the clouds began to fill the skies above, I looked to see if anyone else took notice. I could see a rush of huge waves ahead in the distance and at first wasn't sure what it was. But as it rushed closer I clearly saw it was a wave of water close to 100 feet high stretching up from the earth.

I lived close to the shorelines that stretch around the city I resided in my entire life. So I knew it was coming from the shores not a far distance from where my mother and I resided. I could see many people rushing in fright for their lives, in a hurry, trying to get away from that area. We lived in the bottom of a hill along a rushed freeway that lead to connections to close bridges. The looks on people’s faces were horrifying and nightmarish as they saw the water coming in. Animals were drowning, children and people were screaming in fear. Vehicles were crashing into one another crushing those inside of them. People were drowning all around and couldn't get away once it came flooding in as the earth shook underneath. The streets were being lifted up from the earth below, exposing the dirt and roots from old trees, concrete and trees were washed apart from where they once stood in sidewalks or streets and fell down the hills crushing anything in their pathway.

I could only feel helplessness come over me as I rushed to think who to help and what to do. Loved ones rushed into my thoughts and I hurried to help my senior mother. I carried her on my shoulders then told her to walk up along the street. Looking out for strong looking branches or roots to hang on until I reached the backside of the building we lived in. And as I faced the hill I saw that it was quickly being washed away before us. Exposed were strong tree roots and a dirt hill that looked mountainous to climb. In a heap of strength I felt come over me, and the rush of energy to save my mom and myself, with the best ability I could, I saw others I also helped to the best ability. Lifting them up onto the tree roots while the earth shook below us and seeing so many people helpless and in fear of their death all around us.

Waters flooded all around below crashing in front of us like huge waves trying to drown everything in its sight. Winds were strong coming from the waves of the waters. I could see a hill top where a hand and arm stretched down to help, all I could see was a dirt hill and climbed to send people up as well as my mother, I couldn't see the person's face but heard a man's gentle voice that spoke to me and his arm stretched to help out with a very bright light up above where I thought his face should have been. Once I managed a way up with help from the person, I still couldn't see their face, just a bright light. I felt a relief come over me and warm tears rolled down my face feeling helpless for those lives I couldn't save and seeing those that were all were sitting watching from the top of the hill that was all surrounded by water like an island left standing by itself.

I woke up with tears or sweat still warm on my cheek.

Weeks or months later I heard there was a serious tsunami in Japan, that shook my emotions harshly not aware maybe there is some connection or maybe I carry some clairvoyant gifts I'm unaware of, or maybe it is just coincidence?

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May 10, 2013
Dear Indigo Seer
by: Anonymous

HI, yes, I feel exactly like what you explained is happening to me, I feel connected to different levels of energies, good and bad. It can be overwhelming sometimes esp when there is nobody to talk to about it with anyone that will understand where I am coming from so it gets frustrating and I am accepting this as a gift given as a warning bell, sometimes I can sense what's going to happen before it does, it can be frightening but Im not allowing fear control me like I have over the years. I feel more in control now more than ever.

May 05, 2013
Adult Indigo Seer
by: Anonymous

Your dreams are real! As I've had futuristic dreams as well! Some of my horrific dreams have already come to pass. Like hurricane Katrina and hurricane sandy.

These dreams are warnings to whom will listen and I believe the lord has warned his servants here on earth, of things that can and will happen. They are the inevitable. I've had to accept this as I've had several other dreams come true and some that have not yet come true.

Just remain humble, faithful, and Never give in to the 7 deadly sins. It may sound all like religious myths, but are they??

My advice,,listen, beware, prepare! Mind, body and soul. Nobody knows the exact time or hour of these things coming, we just must remain faithful and helpful.

Peace, love and light to you and yours!

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