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Unpleasant Paranormal Experiences

by Drible
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

I have had some very unpleasant paranormal experiences. I heard dark natured voices in a full on dialogue stating that it was the “devils” advocate and I had taken away ITS internet and I have to “pay” for it. Furthermore, at this time my phone rang and the caller ID had the strange prefix of 666-XXXX. These voices stated many unusual strange things and made demands that were extreme and unrealistic. Things such as my friend and former partner would die in October 2017, at which time I must move far, far away from the bay area, that my cat could no longer play in the hallway with me, that I cannot open my wifi signal since IT couldn't have it no one else could.

There was a few more unrealistic demands and then it would repeat it over and over always ending with “you are aware, I am the devil’s advocate and this is a contract…do you agree to this?” I replied NO, I am NOT entering a contract over and over again til I was in tears and very shaken.

To this day these voices continue and now are saying things such as: “let me help you…why don’t you just jump out the window” or “ I'm sorry”. There seems nothing that it cannot do and say. Unrealistic demands like that I am breathing too loud or droning on and on when I'm just thinking to myself and how it refuses to take this and that I have to move or jump out the window or cease whatever activity it may be that it is claiming to be unacceptable.

At first and for a while it has stated “are you aware that you are in the presence of a sexual predator” and tell me to stay perfectly still while it “rapes me”. That if I don’t do as it say’s my entire family will be condemned to hell. Or to stay still and not to speak because they are having a seyonse (or even think as it seems to be the same thing to it apparently)

Furthermore and most puzzling to me is the hearing of words that are not part of my vocabulary and have NEVER heard before and did NOT know the meaning of until I looked them up online such as: self-dependant or Astral projections. How is this possible? It has stated it is “everywhere”, above, below, and all around. Also it has said that it is from the astral plane.

Also, I have had several strange unusual dreams of similar content and of a weird nature that seems to be related to this. It seems like it is trying to “feed” off emotional energy and extremes and enjoys bossing around and or telling me what to do only then to say “how powerful a psychic it is” or something to that effect even though it isn't.

However, I am not fully convinced of this due to the unusual full dialog and nature/circumstances of it and the sudden onset of it as well the many, many, lies told and non-realities claimed and other unusual things like if asked what day or time it is the reply is incorrect, unless I first think about it or look at the clock or calendar which seems unusual to me for something claiming to be so powerful.

From what I have found and read online it seems to more accurately fit the description of metaphysic or paranormal nature than anything else. (negative entity, earthbound or lost soul, cord, negative energy…etc)

Any thoughts or advice?

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