Verbal Remedies

A Psychic View of the Law Of Attraction

Verbal Remedies work by engaging creative visualization.

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Affirmations, the repeated words in print or MP3 format, build mental images and scenes in your mind, and help to focus on the aim, object or situation you want to achieve or create. I taught the Law of Attraction process for many years, my affirmations are the based upon knowledge handed down through many centuries of great thinkers, scientists, artists, mystics, psychics and philosophers.

Reading or listening to precision affirmations repetitively will affect your subconscious mind, which in turn reshapes and affects the way you think, act and behave. Your conscious mind, the mind you think with, starts this process, and then your subconscious mind takes charge.

The specifically formed words and phrases become frequent subconscious thoughts, passing through your mind, ultimately affecting your life and your destiny. Working like commands given to a computer, they influence you, others, events and circumstances. However strange this may seem to you, affirmations do also influence the people you meet, your circumstances and the events you encounter.

verbal remedies

In reading and listening to precision affirmations, not only are YOU working to create change but I can be involved in the process as well. I am adept at impressing thought into the universe. You give me as much information about your problem or goal and your first name and I then structure the effective personal verbal remedies that empower you. And as I do so I meditate and push those thoughts into the Great Source – the Quantum Soup we call the Universe. So now there are two of us working on your desired outcome.

I’m often asked “Is this a Spell?” I don’t use the term SPELL. But the process enacted by a successful spell is exactly this. The trouble is, not many spells are successfully enacted, as the practitioner oftentimes gets carried away with all the superficial magical mayhem and doesn’t know the true elements of what will actually make the spell work for you.

I get similar questions regarding prayer. “I’ve been praying for this to no avail” My answer is simply this. If you are ‘asking’ God for an outcome - it won’t work, you should be ‘thanking’ God as if you have already received. Think about how you would Thank God as if you had already received. Your statement would be: Positive, Present, Personal and Specific.

That’s the way to write and recite your own precision affirmations. The attitude of gratitude frames any prayer into a powerful incantation. I word my desires in the correct context for effective prayer, spells, affirmations, incantations (you can call them whatever you like). I call them Verbal Remedies because that is what they are.

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You CAN do this easily and successful on your own. Here are some useful resources for getting your mind around your own affirmations:

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