Virgo As For Me

by Namra

For Virgoans its now a cliché that they are fond of cleanliness and can't bear even a bit of mess but that's not true for all virgoans. Some are totally unlike that. Virgoans can be extremely chill about what people around are up to. They can stand messy people and wont say a word against them but secretly they might try to keep their surrounding nice and tidy careful not to cause trouble to anyone.

They would rarely get angry in front of you. With the near ones they are often torturing creatures but they are extremely well behaved with the people who are not close to them.

They don't show the world their real and deep thoughts. They are in comfort zone to keep it private. Virgoans have deep thinking which they don't share with anyone. Not that they don't find anyone but because they feel safe keeping it to themselves.

They are always critical of themselves as well as others though they are not judgemental. They tend to keep their opinions to themselves. Mostly the introvert and kind ones.

They are introvert but always up for fun with the closed ones. They are truly adventurous and risk takers.

They have different phases in their lives through which they grow up and finally adopt one personality.

They are perfect friends to confide in with. They are faithful loving and down to earth. They are the true helpers.

They are often arrogant and cruel too. They never give up too easily

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