Whispering Demon

by Pete

It was one night at my apartment back in San Antonio TX, where my step son, my wife and me lived. That apartment had bad vibrations like something was wrong because as soon as we go inside the apartment I would start arguing with my wife.

One night around in March 2008 I was getting ready to go to bed so I could wake up next morning and be ready for work, my wife was at the living room and me by then half way sleep and half way awake I heard her voice whispering on my ear to kiss her, it was weird because I never heard her coming in the room and for some reason or somehow I knew it was not here whispering on my ear. Something felt strange at that moment, so I tried to just take a glance to see who it was by just opening my eyes a little just enough to see what was going on.

With fear inside of me I try to open my eyes and just at that precise moment that I try too, something got a good hold of my neck and my head making it impossible to turn my head to see who it was and it growl on my ear scaring me more, so I called my wife who was in the living room, and at the same time I did that something inside of me give me strength and at the same time I did not fear what was holding me and I think that it was anger to what I felt and whatever was holding me release me and when I turn nothing was there and my wife was just coming in the room.

When she was coming in I told her to stay by the door and not to come any closer, I started asking her a lot of personal questions that only she would know and she would answer them correctly, she was freaking out because of the way I was acting so I explained to her what had just happened. She replied that when I called her name it sounded like I was in need of help and with fear too.

Till this day I don't know what it was but I'm sure it was a demon or a bad spirit and I'm sure my guardian angel give me the strength and the anger to make that thing, whatever it was, to go.

Like I said before I don’t know what it was till this day but it was bad.

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