Whispering Mystic Readings

by George
(South Africa)

The whisperers of the night

The whisperers of the night

Psychic Intuition is generally described as intuition (ESP) and is the ability to see past, present or future events without using the physical five senses. The main sense used in intuition – the sixth sense. We all have the ability but some are more practiced than others.
Using intuitive clairvoyance you can become aware of events which have happened half way around the world or that important event that is taking place without seeing or hearing about it.

Precognition uses the unconscious mind to relate an event or state of mind that has not happened yet. It must be remembered though that each of us have free will and that a prediction will only happen if you remain on the same path in life that you are on at present. We say before giving a reading “nothing is cast in stone” which means that you can change your path and avoid the prediction.

A psychic does not make direct contact with the spirit world. It is expressed as “all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums.” However, on occasion, a contact will occur while doing a psychic read and a message from spirit can come through.

Psychics use tools to assist them to connect to the “sitter”. These are many and varied – cards, runes, pendulum, scrying (such as a crystal ball), Ogham sticks and so on.

A psychic must use caution and care when conducting a reading as some people seeking help are quite vulnerable. It has been suggested that all psychics should be made to adhere to a code of conduct. This code requires psychics to refrain from predicting evil or disastrous events and frightening clients with visions of accidents and death of loved ones and so on.

A psychic mentally makes a connection to the “aura” of a sitter. A psychic draws information from this emotional, physical and spiritual part of a person’s auric field. It is said that the aura holds all the information about a person's life which makes most psychic readings very accurate.

It is said that if you can see slightly into the future, you are a psychic. If you can get unknown information without using the normal senses you are a psychic. If you can see into the past through dreams or imagination, you are a psychic.
Many people just think that they are crazy disturbed or weak in the head but this is not the case.

Love and light from WhisperingMystic.

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