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by Lily

Well, I have two obvious psychic stories, opposed to the just knowing thing that I do sometimes, so I’ll try to condense them into one.

First thing to get out there is that I've had vision/dreams about my grandfather and grandmother. Only once, and only on the night before each died. It was a little disturbing to wake up the next morning and have dad telling me papa was dead, then a few months later grams.

My other, and I think, more important psychic experience helped me save my friend's life. We were standing on a corner of a four way intersection waiting for our bus to come. It was really early and there weren’t any cars on the road. Jen, my friend, was talking to me about something or other, and then I got a panicked feeling in my stomach, and something made me look over my shoulder, where I saw a big assed truck speeding up the street. Then, in like - slow motion, I turned forward and saw another truck coming in the same direction - pedal to the metal. Both were heading at a damn fast speed toward the center of the intersection.

Without thinking or saying anything to Jen, I grabbed the back of her backpack and dragged her as fast as I could away from the corner. No sooner had I dragged her away then the two trucks collided with a massive crash, and a flaming shard of metal (maybe a part of a bumper or something, who knows?) landed exactly where we'd been standing seconds before.

Jen started screaming, then I started screaming because I thought she was hurt, and then our bus came and we ran onto it.

That’s my psychic story. I hope it interests someone. - Lily

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