World's First All Internet Psychic

by David
(New York, NY)

OPRO = On-line Psychic Readings Only

OPRO = On-line Psychic Readings Only

Hello, I was the first person in internet history to start an all on-line, which to me means internet, psychic service. In 1996, all the search engines would reveal were phone psychics and Miss Cleo. I was definitely the first - named OPRO = On-line Psychic Readings Only. Now I see the word On-line has been twisted around to mean "telephone" again!

I am a very genuine VISUAL DETAILS psychic. Based on a few lines of meaningless trivia, I tell the subject specific things about their life, often including visual details about them or what is surrounding them, with uncanny accuracy. In my last reading I was on with a girl and I saw cherries. I asked her if she was wearing a top or skirt with cherry patterns. It turned out she had three cherries tattooed on her waistline. I was accurate in the entire reading.

OPRO went to number one in the world on the Yahoo search engine beginning in year two of my company and stayed there for four years, the whole time I was in business. All the other search engines of the time like Alta Vista, Lycos, etc. had me on the first top ten page. I read e mail or 1/2 hour chat for $55, or one hour chat for $87.50. I got 2-9 readings a day for years 2,3,4, and 5. I lost the business because I moved myself to The Caribbean coast in Central America to refresh myself from Los Angeles stress, and after five idyllic months, the government owned phone company sent me a $12,500 phone bill, pay it right away or off you go to jail. I was a spender and did not have that much cash, so a chain of events put me out of business. Us psychics are never good at reading ourselves. Doctors need their own doctors. Did you know that?

There is more to the story but it makes no difference. In the time since I have been ordained a priest in three religions and still read the same way. I am looking for employment. Is the $10 for 10 minutes all you do? I need about 5 to gaze at my glass of water and white candle, blowing cigar smoke. And pray before every reading. At any rate, I am the best, please respond.


"Miguel Aguilar"

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Psychic Readings
by: theemotionlink

Psychic Readings are very intresting thing....after reading your story I'm really impressed I can beleive in the Psychic Readings....

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