Yantra and Past Lives Dream

by Thomas
(Tyler, TX, USA)

To start, in the dream, I am around the age of eight. (Currently 26) I am at my grandparents’ house in the guest bedroom at night, and in bed with someone that I don't recall. It was either my brother or cousin. Anyway, I wake up in the dream and move from the bed to the window overlooking the 2 acre back yard.

Upon reaching the window I look down and see a glowing point of light 'floating' about 8 inches off the ground. The light is as bright as the sun, but it does not illuminate the surrounding area, and I can look directly at it. The light begins to move around, keeping it's altitude above the ground. As it moves it slowly starts to change colors and I realize that it is moving faster, but in a contained area. Almost as if it is moving within the boundaries of a circle.

The light was eventually moving and changing colors so fast that I lost sight of the exact point of light, leaving me with a view of nothing but it's 'tracer'. The tracer being clear as day begins to take on different shapes that appear to be highly geometric in nature, yet very complex.

As I watch the 'shapes' flash before me, I gain the realization that each one is 'unlocking' memories of past lives (I can recall none of them after I wake from this dream). The shapes are changing from one to another about three or four different ones a second, and this goes on for several minutes.

Suddenly, I'm back in the bed and whoever is next to me, and my dad comes into the room to tuck me in. I tell him about what I've just seen and what it meant. I also tell him that it makes me very sad that I'm back on this earth, only to do again what I'd already done many times before. He explains to me that, "We all have to do it again for a purpose" that he can't explain. He then kisses my forehead and leaves the room.

At this point I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, and cry myself to sleep in the dream. As I fall asleep in the dream, I wake up in reality with my mind stuck on those 'shapes'... Since this dream I've tried to figure out what some of these shapes were. I did eventually figure out, through an image search for 'complex geometry', that one of them was a "Yantra" which I had never seen before. (Thank you Google images)

I feel like I'm supposed to do something with this dream, but can't figure out what. >_>

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