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Yona Jyotiananda

by One Who Never Gets Away . . . from Spirit
(NYC, New York, USA)

Yona Jyotiananda is a Highly Gifted:

• Empath
• Clairvoyant
• Spiritual Minister
• Telepathic Alchemist
• Trance-Medium Healer
• Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

He performs Trance-Medium Healings & Telepathic Alchemy directly over the phone. He does not make predictions. You can actually feel the energies working. His healings have produced some remarkable results regarding Spiritual Growth, Removal of Fears, Anger, Depression and Realigning the person Emotionally. He has had clients who were healed from Migraines, Aches, Pains, and other Ailments in a single Phone Session.

*** Yona offers the 2 Crown Jewels of all Spiritual Tools the; "Axiatonal Initiation" it fully anchors your God Self into your body permanently in a Single Session! and the "Kriya Babaji Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation." it raises your Kundalini Spiritual Energy directly into your Crown Chakra within a 20 minute Session!

These are only 2 of over 200 Initiations he offers. He never charges extra for any of his services.

Here is a sample of Yona's feedback:

“AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Very nice, kind and gentle man. This was the most Amazing call I have ever had” ! (Venus001)

“For 8 years, I've had a sharp deep pain in my back. One long distance energy healing from Yona relieved me of this pain. I haven't felt this good in years”. (Marco80)

“Yona is the “BEST” spiritual healer, teacher, and ADVISOR I have found. You can actually feel the energy he uses over the phone ! It was an Amazing Experience ! (I am a psychic myself, and know when someone has a genuine gift)” (drusher)


Yona has been spiritually awake since birth. He has experienced Bhava Samadhi (A walking state of enlightenment, as opposed to a meditative state), It lasted for two months. He had a Christed experience for a total of ten days.

He received Spiritual Initiation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and one of his four teachers "Orgyen Kusum Lingpa," who immediately recognized Yona from prior lifetimes. Yona received Spiritual Initiation by several other Enlightened Teachers who also recognized him such as: Ammachi Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Gurumayi, Anandi Ma, Shree Maa, Sat Guru Sant Keshavadas and several others.

He has experience in the following:

o Clairvoyant Training - (Intuitive Way Clairvoyant Program)
o Trance-Mediumship Training - (Aesclepion Healing Center)
o Egyptian Mystery School of Isis, and Tibetan Buddhist Mystery School – (Multiple Initiations)
o Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - (Hypnosis Motivational Institute)
o Certified Reiki Master/Teacher - (Infinity Healing Center)
o Dimensional Reiki Master/Teacher - (This powerful system was channeled to him)
o Certified Spiritual Minister - (Bachelor of Divinity through Universal Brotherhood Movement)

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from a clients
by: Anonymous

I've been working with Yona for several months now and my life has completely changed for the better. This morning I woke up with a smile from ear to ear because I was indescribably happy (which has never happened because most of my life I have been depressed and have hated myself). Without Yona, I would be so lost because there is no one that can do what he can do, and definitely not over the phone. To get this kind of healing, you would need to fly across the ocean and locate a sage . . . and if you're LUCKY, you'll find a sage that can do 10% of what Yona can. He's the best investment you can make for your life. I highly recommend him. Thanks Yona ! (jleigh)

From a client.
by: Anonymous

Its been almost a month since my First Session. The most profound month of my life, because life as I knew it is now completely different. Ever since my God-Self was anchored-in, during the “Axiatonal Initiation,” I feel HEALED ! Now, I am at Peace, day and night. My eating habits have changed for the better, and I released my bad habits, which I held in order to try and replace my feeling of emptiness. Its Miraculous !!! The emptiness is gone ! Whenever I notice an urge to eat irregularly or go shopping unnecessarily, I remember to ground myself and immediately, I am back to my new Self. When I received the “Anchoring Your Christ-Self as Your Guide Activation,” I didn't realize what a gift it was. Today, I can say that I have a confidant who guides me, and I am no longer doubtful about anything. The “Tawaret Negative Thought Process Cleansing Activation” is just Magical ! As soon as I activate it, all of my negativity vanishes - what a gift ! Also, I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue for a long time. Waking up in the morning use to be painful but since the “Trance-Medium Loop Activation” (Meditate While You Sleep Meditation), waking up in the morning is sheer BLISS !!! I feel so Alive, and full of Energy ! Thank you Yona, I really appreciate you - You are a true Blessing. (Carol Mahinda)

Yona Jyotiananda
by: Patti Clott

Yona is a humble person who through spiritual initiation, spiritual healing, and other techniques, has assisted me in finding a path to inner peace.

On many occasions, Yona has shown me how my past Karmas have affected my current situation. Through his spiritual healing and initiations, he has helped me relieve, and eradicate, my physical and emotional pain during the session. I feel very blessed to know him.

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