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Your Unique Spiritual Belief

by Psychic Valerie Perez

Finding the spiritual belief that is right for you is not about the world it is a personal reflection of yourself. I would like to speak about Native American beliefs and how this connects to healing. I have spent about 14 years researching and reading about world religions. On this life path, I have discovered one thing. As much as I try, some of my spiritual guides feel more right than others. I will tell you a little story that happened recently that helped me find what works for me spiritually.

I was really sick with the flue and could not leave the bed. I prayed a lot. I prayed to God and Angels etc. Then I thought; I use my intuition to help others so why not use it to help myself. I tuned in to my feelings and visions and asked my guide to come to me. What I saw was surprising to me. I saw an Indian Shaman in my vision. He looked like Mayan or of Arawak ancestry. I thought to myself, this should be an Angel of God. But since my traditional prayers were not helping, I prayed to this American Indian guide.

It took about 15 minutes and I was out of bed with no fever. I felt great.

Anyway, this is how I came to the realization that what works for so many may not work for myself and others. That is why I stress. Find what works for you. There are many guides in the universe. Let them find you and they will.

Keep an open mind...

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