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Zombies In Dreams

by Dakota
(Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)

I'm having the most horrifying dreams or should I say night-mares. I'm running down the hall way knowing that there is a nasty horde of zombies out there. We set our charges and one kid asked me for the 3. I strangely enough had it my mouth. I spit them into his hand as he set them. Then, we closed a plastic wall thing behind us and went through a door to the next room. It was a 3 door room and looked kinda' geto. Zombies swarming outside, we closed and locked all doors except for the one on the left for some reason.

A 3 1/2ft zombie girl that looked much like a friend named Naiomie from a place called adventure club. I tried to kill it with a nearby chair. We left all guns in the locked up hall. So when the chair did not work, I reached for a basket under the table. Once I touched it, I woke up.

I have had this dream several times.

Another dream I had was where my whole family (grand-parents, sister, mother, dad and I) were trapped in this dim, fancy, 4 door room with zombies swarming at the end of each door. Within minutes, I was successfully hiding from all zombies but alas, my family could not do the same. And the room was walled by huge, roman like, pillars, they had looked un-touched.

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