Develop Psychic Ability

I can help you to develop psychic ability. First by showing you how to relax your mind to alpha then how to practice with Tarot Cards, Psychometry, Crystal Ball, Channeling and Mediumship. We will look at Hypnosis and Psychic Schools too.

First Steps To Develop Psychic Ability.

S l o w - y o u r - m i n d. Modern life tends to wind us up; literally speeding up our brainwave frequency. Normal daily, wide-awake, states of consciousness are Beta frequency 14 up to 20+ cycles per second. Beta level brainwave activity is too fast to allow psychic connections. Beta brain is a busy brain so the practice of meditation and relaxation methods you are comfortable with are the first steps to developing your own psychic ability.

Many psychics have experienced their psychic ability from childhood, claiming to be able to see or talk to people others can’t see, or some other kinds of imaginary people or characters. Up to the age of about seven years our brainwave frequency while awake is ALPHA (Alpha = 14 to 7 cycles per second when measures on an EEG: An Electroencephalogram is a brain wave test.) Most of us loose these abilities past 7 years of age as that is when our brainwave activity speeds up along with our intellect and thinking skills. Luckily, with a little training and understanding, we can slow down our busy minds. Calming down enough to access these states of mind is essential to develop psychic ability.

Those that maintain their psychic gifts into adult life manage somehow to easily drop back into Alpha and even Theta (7 to 5 cps) states. Most do this unknowingly I must add, but in doing so they keep and further develop their psychic skills.

The brain wave frequency of Alpha is the open channel to our subconscious, our imagination and creativity and to our sixth sense. The Earth’s heartbeat – known as the Schumann Resonance after the 1930s physicist Heinrich Schumann discovered the permanent standing wave in the atmosphere, resonating between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere and predominantly at 7.8Hz.

Develop Psychic Ability

I find it an interesting coincidence that our psychic ability coincides with this alpha frequency of 7 to 14 Hz and the heartbeat of the Earth at 7.8Hz. Right in the heart of the human alpha range lays the gateway to develop psychic ability.

One of the best and most practical ways to develop psychic ability is to learn the esp, meditation and relaxation skills in a Silva Method Training or the like. Jose Silva the founder of the now world famous Silva Mind Control Method said his original seminar was structured to teach Clairvoyance. He originally studied hypnosis in depth so as to help his daughter with her school studies. About 1949 he began helping Isobel his daughter. He would bring her down to a semi-hypnotic state (the Alpha-Level) and then while she was in this relaxed state José would read lessons and recite poetry and then test her recall. First results were excellent because while in the semi-hypnotic Alpha Level we have direct access to our subconscious. So the information that Jose’s daughter Isobel had studied was easily recalled from the subconscious to the conscious mind. Great! … But what also started to happen as she was more associated with slipping into this altered state of mind was this. Isobel started to recite the poems that Jose had not yet read to her. She was one step ahead of him!

To quote Jose Silva. “It was hard to believe, but it was happening right in my own living room with my own daughter. Since I had read about Edgar Cayce when I was in the army and stationed near Bowling Green, Kentucky, where Cayce had lived, it made some sense to me. It also made me think again about all the research I had done about people who claimed to have been clairvoyant.”

Jose Silva continued to work with others to prove to himself that he had developed the ability to bring out the clairvoyance in people. In the ten years from 1953 Jose Silva had trained thirty nine men, women and children to function as clairvoyants. From his regular Friday night get-togethers which continued to grow, the Jose Silva Method is now taught internationally through a network of Silva Mind franchises. Over 1 Million people have used Jose Silva's mind training techniques to help them build a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. Although they are no longer targeted as a - psychic - type of training it is the very same process.

Discover how The Silva Method’s Alpha Training Technology can unlock your mind’s ability for reliable and consistent intuition in every area of life.

If you can’t find a Silva seminar in your area there have been many offshoots from Silva’s work. In 1963 Alexander Everett moved to the USA from England and being inspired by Silva went on to develop Mind Dynamics. In Australia the Silva method inspired a seminar training called Alpha Dynamics. I was fortunate enough to work with Alpha Dynamics in Australia for about three years. As well as seeing thousands of people awakened to their own inner gifts it also gave me a wonderful foundation to further develop psychic ability myself. These four-day trainings, under one name or another, caught on rapidly and continue to be taught throughout the world. As some of the training companies shut down many of the instructors went out on their own.

Forming such seminars and courses as Inward Bound, Lifespring, Forum, Life Dynamics, Context Trainings, Lifestream, PSI World Seminars, Actualizations, Leadership Dynamics, Inner Wealth, The Sedona Method, and many, many more.

Newer on the market is the Brain Evolution System. The Brain Evolution System - or BrainEv, for short - uses "brainwave entrainment" to help skip years of unnecessary meditation. BrainEv uses three different entrainment methods at the same time - stopping the brain getting too accustomed to one particular pattern, and more closely-matching how brainwaves really work. It uses specially manipulated sounds to help influence brainwaves, putting the mind into a deep state of meditation within minutes of listening - removing the need for countless hours of mind-quietening, Zen-monk-like practice. This is one of the quickest ways to develop psychic ability I have found yet! You get a professionally-packaged six-CD set, with a user guide, and a free two month supply of the mind-sharpening Acuity supplement - specially designed to help "fuel" the mind when using BrainEv.

A mediative state is essential to learn psychic abilities or develop telepathy.

Here is a quick and fun test of your psychic ability.

Another arena where a psychic mind state comes into play is in the area of spiritual healing

raise psychic ability

OK let’s get down to it.

First right click and select SAVE TARGET AS, to download a free Develop Psychic Ability – Alpha Entrainment MP3. A thirty minute audio with a metronome beating to entrain your brainwave activity from Beta down to Alpha, dipping into Theta and then bringing you back up to Beta and wide awake. (Note - this is a 12mb file so it will be a slow download over a dialup connection.)

Our brainwave frequency will follow a stimulus so this is a great way to begin your relaxation exercises. Water and bird sounds are heard with the constant beat of the metronome in the background. After at least twenty-one sessions you will be able to just imagine this sound while counting down and visualizing the colors as I am about to show you.

Just imagining the sound will be enough after you have formed an association with this MP3 track. By the way, don’t listen to this MP3 while driving or operating machinery.

Next: Click before you read the develop psychic ability methods below. This will open a new window with my Free Accessing the Alpha State of Mind Script. This will give you a guideline to talk yourself down into the alpha state of mind. Once repeated a few times, you will form an association with which you can just recall and drop yourself into the Alpha state easily, anywhere and at any time.

I recommend following the script about twenty-one times. After some initial practice, continue with the suggestions I’ve listed below.

Develop psychic ability with tarot cards:

When you are comfortable with relaxing and slowing your mind, a good way to tune in and develop psychic ability is to play with a set of tarot cards.

Find a deck with images you FEEL connected with. This means pictures you like and relate to in some way.

For instance I like the Hanson Roberts deck, the Robin Wood Tarot and the Connolly Tarot Deck. I don’t like the darker cards like Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, but each to their own. One of the most popular decks is the Rider-Waite Tarot.

If you are looking for a set of Tarot cards, eBay is a great place to find a Tarot Deck at a good price.

Just a note on the Tarot. There are 78 cards comprising two decks. The Major Arcana has 22 cards and The Minor Arcana 56. Originally only the Major Arcana were illustrated and the Minor Arcana was similar to a set of traditional playing cards with four suits. A tarot deck’s seven of cups, appearing similar to the seven pips on a seven of hearts in normal playing cards.

But the Rider-Waite Tarot changed all that with illustrations for all major and minor arcana cards. Most decks with illustrated minor arcana are inspired by the artwork of the Rider-Waite deck. This makes the Rider-Waite a good deck for learning the Tarot because if you do want to learn meanings of all the cards, once you understand the Rider-Waite you will relate to most other decks too.

However my purpose with this page is to give you tips to develop psychic ability with the aide of the Tarot. For that end you do not need to learn the tarot, in fact I always recommend discarding the instruction books in a tarot deck if you want to develop psychic ability. It’s not about knowing meanings of cards. That’s OK for students of the Tarot, but not so for Psychics, it’s about using your intuition.

Ok! You have a tarot deck that you like and you have found a method to relax your mind. You are in Alpha. Shuffle your cards and pick one. Ask no questions and hold no thoughts, as much as you can anyway.

Now lay the card face up and look at it, through it, in detail and not in detail. WHAT GETS YOUR ATTENTION?

Is it a flower in the hand, a raven in the background, or the thought of movement in a coin in one direction or another? See what comes to mind and take that as a simple psychic message.

Now, if you want to ask a question in your mind, do so. Shuffle the cards again, picking one, lay it face up and allow something in the card to get your attention. A small item or the whole feeling of the image, what thought do you have? Happy - Sad? Stuck or Free? Work or Play? Whatever thought it is and it will be noticeably SIMPLISTIC, take note and accept that as your message. Practice this often, while relaxed, and you will certainly develop psychic ability. This is an unfolding process so keep it up.

I coined the term TarotVision which is the art of clairvoyant perception developed through the imagery of Tarot cards while in the resonant mental states at Alpha - 7.5 cps. (cycles per second). You can read some examples of my TarotVision here. What about Tarot Spreads? Should you follow a Tarot Card spread like the Celtic Cross? Only if you feel strongly drawn to. I don’t, I am continually shuffling and laying cards while holding a conversation with a client. I lay six to a dozen cards in no particular order and just allow a story to unfold. If you must use a spread in the early days you will always find the layout in the instruction booklet inside the box of Tarot Cards. Try not to if you want to develop PSYCHIC ability.

With the continued practice of relaxing your mind so that your brainwave frequency drops around Alpha and Theta and ‘Gazing’ at images of the Tarot, you will be able to have others ask you questions too. Yes, you can develop psychic ability to be able to carry out ‘readings’ for others. Play with it, and trust yourself to speak your hunches. Dump your logic when conducting a reading and you will get clearer and clearer as time goes on. Your confidence will build as your feedback from the readings get better and better.

More about reading tarot cards with your psychic perception in six simple steps.

Developing the psychic ability of psychometry:

Psychometry is having the psychic ability to pick up feelings, thoughts, visions or other sensations while touching or holding an object from a person or sometimes holding the hand or shoulder of someone.

First relax into the Alpha state. Practice with small items like a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, or a watch. Hold the item in your non dominant hand. If you are right handed your non dominant hand is the left hand. Your dominant hand gives out information, while your non-dominant hand receives information. Although with plenty of practice you will find it will not matter which hand is used.

While holding the item become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Are you imagining any scenes in the screen of your mind? Speak out those thoughts and feelings. If you are alone make notes.

If you are reading for someone, tell them what you feel, say what you are aware of and let the other person make the notes. Alternatively while holding an item, glance around the room and see what images your attention focuses on. Or as in the exercises with Tarot, pick some random cards and see what you are drawn to in those images.

If using a Crystal Ball whilst holding an item what comes with your gazing? Keep practicing to further develop psychic ability.

Click here to read more about Psychomery

Develop your ability with crystal ball gazing:

As in all cases always master the art of relaxing and bringing your brainwave frequencies down to the alpha and or theta levels, the gateway to the subconscious and psychic realms.

It will not matter if your crystal ball is quartz crystal, lead crystal or plain old glass. For that matter, you may use this exercise for mirror or any other scrying you want to try. Gaze into the crystal ball and start by ‘imagining’ a character, person, angel or cartoon is in the center of the ball.

What does this imagined person do when you ask a question? Can you hear inside your mind a voice answering you? Or do you see the character waving a sign at you?

I usually ‘see’ a guide in miniature with a white board, upon which he draws or writes messages when communicating.

Keep practicing while relaxed and record answers to questions for later reflection.

When conducting my readings I always have my Crystal Ball to one side. I may be using some Tarot Cards and often my attention is drawn to the ball and there is Quasar, my guide, with his input. Always the right thing just at the right time.

But don’t get impatient while you try to develop psychic ability to rely on. It was a good twenty years of professional psychic readings before the Crystal Ball became a reliable window for me, even though I had channeled Quasar for many years before.

Want a Crystal Ball? eBay is a great place to find a Crystal Ball at a good price.

It goes without saying that you will need to master relaxation before opening to channel. I recommend one book above all others.

Channeling is a skill that can be learned. Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, with the help of their guides, Orin and DaBen, have created a definitive, inspirational, and easy-to-use guide to the art of channeling. Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide includes practical hands-on instruction in how to know if you are ready, how to attract a high-level guide, how to going to trance, how to channel for friends, how to use channeling to open to the higher dimension, and much more.

It was this book, back in the 80’s that I followed and made the connection to my guide Quasar.

I remember to this day, I was sitting in meditation, allowing myself to follow the instructions in the book when I was overcome with an inner blinding flash of light. Then, there as clear as daylight, on the screen of my mind stood an old guy looking very much like (the old) Obi-Wan Kenobi from the star wars movies. He gave me his name – Quasar, spelled it out to me and advised me to look up the name in the dictionary for its meaning.

He then proceeded to give me three lotto numbers, yes just three, and said “watch the TV tonight and you will see these three numbers in this order as the first second and third numbers to be drawn. IN THAT ORDER!” Well of course in those days “I” wanted to be in control. “Three numbers?” I said, “just three?” “I need SIX to SPEND the Rest of My Life!’

Hahaha - NO WAY. All I got was “if and when you need all six you shall be given them. These three are just a sign while you further develop psychic ability and to help you believe”.

Well after that session ended, I forced a new meditation, forced an imaginary meeting with Quasar, imagined another three numbers and rushed to the shop to put in my SIX numbers for that nights lotto draw.

That night’s draw came and I sat eagerly watching. First number RIGHT! Second number RIGHT! (Now I got goose bumps) Third number RIGHT! Instantly I crossed my fingers, crossed my legs, my eyes, anything I could have crossed I did. But that was as far as the luck went. My next three numbers weren’t even close.

On the subject of the lotto, have you seen the latest news? My good friend and psychic colleague Carol hit the headlines with Psychic Wins Lottery.

I looked up the dictionary definition (I’d never heard of the word Quasar at that point) = [An extremely distant, and thus old, celestial object whose power output is several thousand times that of our entire galaxy.]

Quasar has been a trusted guide over many years, so if you want to develop psychic ability with channeling, buy the book above and connect with your own guide - it works.

Hypnosis MP3s. Because you are psychic already... even if you don't already know it, using the powers of hypnosis, can unleash that part of your mind so you can start to take advantage of your innate abilities.

So click on this link and download some develop psychic ability MP3s and enjoy your magical hypnosis journey today! Navigate to Special Hypnosis Packs then select the Spiritual Growth Pack to make the most of your Psychic Powers – using HYPNOSIS!

Mediumship. First things first, follow the accessing your alpha level guidelines. Mediums, as all psychics, will knowingly or not slip into the alpha state, in sync with the Earth’s heartbeat while connecting with the spirit world.

The main difference between the psychic reading from tarot, or crystal ball and the medium is that the psychic taps into your energy and the energy of anyone else you are asking about and the medium connects to the spirit world.

Most often the medium is sought to connect with lost loved ones who have passed over.

The psychic connects with those still here.

Many mediums and psychics cross both frontiers but some do not.

Your belief and influences will heavily effect your progress as you develop psychic ability as a medium. The best way to develop psychic mediumship is to practice any or all of the other tips here.

When in state (Alpha or Theta), while tuning into Tarot or the Crystal Ball or attuning to an item with psychometry, if and when, you will start to realize the presence of spirit and those passed over.

When you are ready and well practiced at maintaining the altered state, spirit will come to you if there is a good connection with you. But it is spirit coming to you not you summoning spirit.

Attend a local spiritualist church and look out for a local psychic circle. Surround yourself with the kindred spirits at spiritualist gatherings and you will comfortably develop psychic ability of mediumship too.

Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges. Click this link to read about some highly recommended Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges.

Advanced Psychic Training Course Enrolmen

Developing your psychic ability requires using a number of tools and methods. By using and practicing with these tools you will discover the empowerment of a psychic and learn how to use it. Being psychic is not just all meditation and contemplation, when you develop psychic ability your psychic ability should be integrated into your daily life, it is your sixth sense, and it should be as useful to you as your sight and hearing. Read also about Psychic Ability Development- by the late Richi Who.

Find a true path for opening the third eye and experiencing your psychic potential with Miles Tyler as he explains that with psychic training everyone can have psychic experiences.

Eemnah shares - "We are all able to delve into another person’s mind when we develop our mental telepathy skills".

And this free alpha state meditation can open the gateway to your psychic abilities.

Still asking Am I Psychic ? Here are a few more tips to develop psychic ability.

Try answering these questions and see the results if you wonder about having psychic ability.

List of psychic abilities from Wikipedia

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