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Welcome, I am Ian Parkin the owner and webmaster of this site. In 1985 I began my enchanted journey into metaphysical realms accessed through extra sensory perception.  I became passionate about spirituality, mysticism, clairvoyant ability and real magic. I wanted to fully learn about this world of wonders.

At the time I had no idea my initiation would be so fascinating and so life changing.

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I slowly followed the path, as it was opened up to me, one guided step at a time. I now realize I was being lead along the way from some place unseen to my five earthly senses. At the time all I had to go on were subtle whispers from within and the outer synchronicities that would happen from time to time. As I progressed I learned to trust these moments of synchronicity. I was able to read them as signposts that would continue to reveal to me my life's path. The direct results in my reality amazed me then and continues to do so to this day.

I've been a professional clairvoyant, ForeSeeingFutures™, for many years. My journeying has had me working and living in all four corners of the world. Throughout this time, I was also able to use my insight to guide others on their own unique life paths. 

  1. My Mystic Journey
  2. Out on a Limb
  3. Andronicus Tapes
  4. Sleeping Prophet Awakens my Purpose
  5. Manifesting Ancient Wisdom

When I started this website back in 2005 I was a full time psychic reader contracted to one of the world’s big providers of psychic insight. I quickly developed a loyal following with a regular clientele spanning the English speaking world. But because I worked under my own name through that service it would have been a conflict of interest to use my real name here on my own site. I was also quite aware that the loyal client base I developed over the years would always remain, rightly so, the asset of that company and not me.

So I chose to create the new persona ‘ZorbaZiv’ for use here so as not to create a conflict of interest with the firm. 

Inspired by the meaning of the two words Zorba = Greek for Live Each Day and Ziv = Hebrew for Shining Brightly, my name, my affirmation and my greeting on this site became ZorbaZiv – ‘living each day shining brightly’.

In 2007, with the amazing success of Psychic-Junkie.com (reaching the top 3% of all websites in the world, as ranked by Alexa) I ended my contractual obligations with the firm I had been providing psychic readings through. I became a solo psychic and the web-master of my own destiny.

Ian Parkin - Psychic Consultancy

I reverted back to my own name on this site and I continue to follow my passions.

  1. Life Coaching with a Sixth Sense twist
  2. Down to earth training in the development of your intuitive senses.
  3. Being the Psychic Junkie Webmaster.
  4. Allocating a few hours each week to provide psychic advice to my own client base.
Coaching and Clairvoyance Psychic-Junkie.com

The secret to my success is found in the image above.

  1. Craft Your Future . . . and then
  2. Be Guided by Intuition . . . so that you
  3. Take Right Action . . . which leads you to
  4. Reap and Share Rewards

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