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Hello and welcome.  I am Ian Parkin, the owner, webmaster and principal psychic of this website. I have been providing professional psychic advice and coaching for more than 30 years.

Psychic Solopreneur - Ian Parkin

It was 1985 when I began my enchanted journey into metaphysical realms. I became passionate about spirituality, mysticism, my clairvoyant ability and real magic. I wanted to fully learn about this enchanted world of wonders.

At the time I had no idea my initiation would be so fascinating and so life changing.

I slowly followed the path, as it was opened up to me, one guided step at a time. I now realize I was being lead along the way from some place unseen to my five earthly senses. At the time all I had to go on were subtle whispers from within and the outer events of synchronicity that would happen from time to time.

As I progressed I learned to better recognize and trust those synchronicities. I was able to read them as signposts that revealed to me my life's path. The direct results in my reality amazed me then and, continues to do so, to this day.

My journeying led me to working and living in many parts of the world. Throughout this time, I was often asked to use my psychic insight to guide others on their own unique life paths. 

An Accidental Psychic Solopreneur

In 2005 I was once again living in Australia, a full time psychic reader in Sydney, contracted to one of the world’s biggest providers of psychic insight. I quickly developed a loyal following with a regular clientele spanning the English speaking world. As a sideline I started . .

By 2007, with the success of this website, (top 1% of all websites in the world) I ended my contractual obligations with the firm I had been providing psychic readings through. I was now a successful psychic solopreneur!

In 2014 I left Sydney to move into my all-time dream location - Noosa Heads the jewel of Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Keeping It Real!

As of January 2019 I am undertaking a major editorial process of reviewing and verifying all existing content that has been guest posted since I launched this website in 2005.

  • Existing pages that no longer meet with a high level of expertise and authority are being removed. 
  • Posts that include authentic content and verified online profiles will be updated and republished.  

What I Do

Psychic Advice

  • Love and Relationships
  • Personal Guidance
  • Work and Careers
  • Life Direction
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Clairvoyance

Transformational Coaching

  • Life Wizardry Coaching
  • Sixth Sense Success Training
  • Professional Psychic Development

Ian Parkin - Web Success

While the passion, savvy and energy for building this website is all mine, my 'online' business success is enabled by Solo Build It (SBI). ( is rated in the top 1/2% of all websites in the world by Alexa)

SBI! is a package of process, software, guidance, and help that enables anyone to create a profitable web  businesses at unmatched rates of success.

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A TarotVision Affirmation For Your Success - by Ian Parkin

1) Craft Your Future Goals and Dreams. . . and then1) Craft Your Future Goals and Dreams. . . and then
2) Be Guided by Intuition . . . so that you2) Be Guided by Intuition . . . so that you
3) Take Right Action . . . which leads you to3) Take Right Action . . . which leads you to
4) Reap and Share Your Rewards4) Reap and Share Your Rewards

In affirmation form:

"I am lovingly crafting my future dreams and goals. And as I do so I am guided by my intuition which prompts me to take right actions, and leads me to reap and share my rewards - and everything has helped this to happen"  (Learn how to write attractive affirmations)

Here is an example of my own use of this affirmation.

I was invited to Las Vegas USA to talk to an audience of over 4,000 direct sales people.

I talked about why I chose to exit the rat race. And how following my intuitive promptings with the SendOutCards business enabled me to become the TOP team builder in Australia for this direct sales organisation.

My Psychic CV

My Psychic Working History:

Ancient Wisdom Bookshop 1986 - 1991

Townsville - Australia

  • Owner operator (importer, retail and wholesale) New Age store. Personal Development seminar organizer.  Averaged five psychic clairvoyant readings per day in store.

Ian Parkin Hypnosis 1991 – 1996

Brisbane - Australia

  • Therapist in Hypnosis and NLP. Ran a private hypnosis/NLP practice. Behavioral change, past life regression, life coaching, clairvoyant readings.

Self Employed - Spiritual Pursuits 1996 – 2003

Dallas USA, Phoenix USA, London UK, Mumbai/New Delhi/Chennai India, Gazimağusa Cyprus

  • Various positions held while traveling, developing spiritual self, and conducting psychic readings. 2003 - 2007

International Psychic Reader by Phone

Sydney - Australia

  • Contracted as a psychic reader via phone, text and email. 90% repeat loyal client base from UK, Ireland, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. Six hours per day, six days per week. 2005 – present

Owner / Webmaster / Clairvoyant

Sydney NSW and Noosa Heads QLD - Australia

  • Webmaster: affiliate marketing and content writing in the psychic niche. 
  • Semi-retired from clairvoyant readings but I still maintain a local and international client base via phone, Skype and face to face.
  • Life coaching with a sixth sense twist.
  • Website Author
  • Teaching  Psychic Development

Skills: TarotVision™, Crystal Ball, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Regression, Public Speaking, Author, Life Coaching, Psychic Coaching.

Ian Parkin is the owner, webmaster, and principal psychic of this Website.
30+ Years Providing Professional Psychic Advice and Coaching

Clairvoyant Readings with Ian Parkin
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Stories Of My Mystic Journey

My Mystic Journey of Psychic Development

My Mystic Journey of Psychic Development
I am often asked how I became the Psychic Junkie.  It was a moment that changed my life. I was living on Magnetic Island, a tropical island in North Queensland, Australia. Here’s how my mystic journey of psychic development began. Learn more > >

Going Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine

Going Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine
Hey Ian, a book came in today and I thought of you. Come in and pick it up when you like.” Bradley seemed quite excited about it. But it was a week later my spiritual adventures began when I went Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine. Learn more > >

The Andronicus Tapes

The Andronicus Tapes
My mystic journey continued, this time on a long straight road from the coast to a mining town in the middle of nowhere. While meeting with a newsagent a little blue book fell to the floor stopping at my foot. Picking it up I was found by The Andronicus Tapes. Learn more > >

Awakened By The Sleeping Prophet

Awakened By The Sleeping Prophet
Another key step in my personal journey of spiritual and psychic development was overcoming the embarrassment of walking into a new age center. This is the chapter of how I was awakened to my purpose by Edgar Cayce the Sleeping Prophet. Learn more > >

Finding Ancient Wisdom

Finding Ancient Wisdom
It’s now 1986 and my goal is to open my own New Age Bookstore, bang in the main shopping mall of Townsville’s (then) city heart. My aim was to bring the New Age out of the closet and into the spotlight. This is the magic that led me to open Ancient Wisdom Bookshop. Learn more > >

Some more of my personal stories . . 

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What Is TarotVision™ and Can It Help You?

What Is TarotVision™ and Can It Help You?
This is about my Clairvoyant Divination of the Tarot. My card decks all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through the psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked in your TarotVision™ reading, delivering the most helpful psychic advice & coaching. Learn more > >

Noosa Psychic Clairvoyant - Ian Parkin
Looking for a good clairvoyant in Noosa Heads, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia? You are in luck. the webmaster and principal psychic at lives in Noosa Heads. Yes Ian is the Noosa Psychic with the car rego ESP-888   Learn more > >

Ask Ian Parkin with Live Psychic Chat

Ask Ian Parkin with Live Psychic Chat
My Psychic Advice and Coaching is sensitive and compassionate, with a reassuring viewpoint to whatever I see ahead for you. My Live Psychic Chat is available to you Worldwide. Learn more > >

Email Psychic Readings | Ask Ian Parkin

Email Psychic Readings | Ask Ian Parkin
Are you a candidate for psychic tarot readings by email? Scarcity of free time? - Shy? - Prefer writing to talking? - Hearing impaired? - Brain Fog? Convenient? Learn about my email psychic readings process and you can decide what level of interaction you would like. Learn more > >

Contact Ian Parkin - Psychic Junkie Webmaster

Contact Ian Parkin - Psychic Junkie Webmaster
Use this page to contact Ian Parkin for webmaster related matters. 
Learn more > >

Ian Parkin is the owner, webmaster, and principal psychic of this Website.
30+ Years Providing Professional Psychic Advice and Coaching

Clairvoyant Readings with Ian Parkin
today by Email | Online Chat, Skype & Phone by appointment