My Psychic Junkie World

My definition of a Psychic Junkie:

  • Psychic - Sensitivity beyond natural ranges of perception.
  • Junkie - One who has an insatiable interest or passion.

We are passionately interested in extra sensory perceptions (ESP)

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It is very common to hold fears and insecurities about our future. Rather than passively waiting for something to happen to us, seeking psychic advice and coaching can give us answers and reassurances about the paths that lay ahead. While many are happy with a life that appears to unravel randomly, if you are like me, we prefer to read the signs that show us how our life is unfolding. Are we roaming along a predestined path, or do we create our willed future?  I've found that there is some of both going on.

It is my experience that a path can be glimpsed into from a crystal ball or a psychic’s third eye!

"In the spiritual level, (also known as the Akashic Realm) all exists at once; your pasts, present and possible futures are seen simultaneously with psychic ability"

According to legend the Ancient Greek Oracle of Apollo at Delphi (a psychic priestess) was famous for answering questions from people wishing to be guided in their future actions. It was a very long and drawn out process of ritual cleansings, animal sacrifices, and (volcanic gas) drug induced states of ecstasy. Thankfully, these days we can get our metaphysical insights, simply and easily, from accurate psychics, spiritual mediums, intuitive coaches, angel whisperers, talented tarot readers, and a myriad of mystics telling fortunes in one way or another.  And with this site my aim is to introduce you to everything a Psychic Junkie could ask for!

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We all have a sixth sense. Sadly, so many people do know of, or trust in, their own intuitive powers. But with intent and desire most can manage some form of psychic development that will eventually deliver one’s own higher guidance. And many will go on to hone their skills with the necessary accuracy to provide psychic advice and coaching to others.

What’s your reason for being a Psychic Junkie? 

Share a Psychic Guest Post in one of the sections I've opened up for you to talk about your stories, insights, expertise and experiences. 

  • A Research Project for your ‘strange but true’ psychic stories.
  • Clairvoyant Reviews are where you can recommend your favorite readers.
  • My Interviews - I can publish your perspective on being a professional psychic.
  • Indigo People United is for your questions and answers on being Indigo.
  • The Trumpet allows you to share your wisdom and learn from the input of others.
  • The Dream Meanings Project is for posting your dreams for interpretations.
  • Horoscope blogs for anything you care to share on our Star Signs.
  • Prophecy Updates are for you to share your predictions.
  • Your Past Life experiences.

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