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Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? It's the point when you're faced with two opposing solutions to a problem and each of these roads has a very different outcome.

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Sometimes, you get a small voice inside telling you which path to take, but your logic tells you differently. Choosing psychic help and advice for problems that weigh on your mind can reveal insightful solutions and diverse answers that you may have missed altogether.

It is very common to hold fears and insecurities about your future. Rather than passively waiting for something to happen, seeking psychic help and advice can not only bring answers, but also the reassurance to make better choices about the way ahead.

While many are happy with a life that appears to unravel randomly, if you are like me, you prefer to read the signs that show how life is unfolding. Are you roaming along a predestined path or do you create a willed future?  Personally, I have found both in play.

Welcome to the Psychic Junkie Website

Welcome to My Psychic Junkie World - My name is Ian and I certainly appreciate your visit here, and the time you may take to have a good look around my website.

Getting psychic advice can provide the calming factor that allows you to proceed in life, knowing you've made the correct move. That calm reassurance can make the difference between success and failure on any venture in your life, whether it's love, career, entrepreneurship, or choosing a new place to live.

Of course, there are caveats.

  • Free Psychic Help and Advice is: for entertainment, education, inspirational, coaching and spiritual purposes.
  • Free Psychic Help and Advice is NOT: for medical, financial, psychological, legal, or any other type of licensed advice.

To begin your journey here are some of the featured pages containing my free psychic help, advice and coaching articles. 

Ways You Can Get Psychic Help Right Now

To continue your journey here are some of the top reasons for seeking advice and guidance.

Reasons To Get Psychic Help Right Now

According to legend the Ancient Greek Oracle of Apollo at Delphi (a psychic priestess) was famous for answering questions from people wishing to be guided in their future actions. It was a very long and drawn out process of ritual cleansings, animal sacrifices, and (volcanic gas) drug induced states of ecstasy. Thankfully, these days we can get our metaphysical insights, simply and easily, from accurate psychics, spiritual mediums, intuitive coaches, angel whisperers, talented tarot readers, and a myriad of mystics telling fortunes in one way or another.  And with this site my aim is to introduce you to absolutely everything a Psychic Junkie could ask for!

"In the Akashic Dimension everything exists all at once! With psychic vision your pasts, present and possible futures are discovered".    Ian Parkin - webmaster and principal clairvoyant for

What is a Psychic Junkie? - Here is my definition: 

Psychic - Sensitivity beyond natural ranges of perception.
Junkie - One who has an insatiable interest or passion.

So you could say we are ABSOLUTELY

  • Rapt by the esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical realms.
  • Keen to develop psychic abilities.
  • Eager to learn what can be discovered through ESP - extrasensory perceptions.
  • Bustling to share gifts of insight, advice and coaching with others.
  • Enchanted by the many variants of connecting with the divine.

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Ian Parkin is the owner and principal psychic of this Website.

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