Psychic Junkie

My definition of a Psychic Junkie:

  • Psychic - Sensitivity beyond natural ranges of perception.
  • Junkie - One who has an insatiable interest or passion.

We are passionately interested in extra sensory perceptions (ESP)

The psychic realms don't just consist of foretelling the future, although that is part of it. There are many gifts those with psychic powers possess. Each of us has some type of psychic gift, whether developed or undeveloped. Each one of these psychic powers is a gift, which can help others and the individual that possess them in numerous ways. 

In the spiritual level, all exists at once; your pasts, present and possible futures are seen simultaneously. Welcome to my extra-sensory-perceptive world of insights, guidance and magic. - Ian Parkin, Clairvoyant, Coach, and Psychic Junkie Webmaster.

Here are some reasons why psychic guidance, whether our own or our advisor's, can help us in everyday life.

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You'll be alerted to greater opportunities.

  • Listening to and following psychic advice, whether it's from our own intuition or with the help of a psychic reader, can lead you to take steps you might not have taken otherwise. These can help you find opportunities you would not have had available otherwise.

You'll be more aware of danger.

  • We've all heard stories about someone deciding at the last minute not to go on a certain flight, only to learn later the plane crashed. Everyone has had an intuitive thought about something and ignored it, but found out later their intuition was right. Psychic inklings like this can be a huge benefit that will help you make the right decisions.

You can realize higher potentials.

  • There are those around us that are frustrated with their lot in life and want something more. They have the potential for other jobs, taking paths to their ultimate potential. The psychic realms can hold information that guide, encourage, and help us on those paths.

The psychic realm can help calm your fears.

  • Some people have a propensity toward constantly worrying. When you have the help of psychic guidance, you'll be able to separate unfounded worries from real problems and the need to act.

Psychic information can help solve or prevent crime.

  • If you recall the television program called “Medium,” you remember how Allison DuBois helped solve crimes. Having psychic information can even help prevent future crimes.

The psychic realms can help you right a wrong.

  • Whether it’s in a past life, this life or in your future, you can use psychic guidance to help make amends for something you did to another or prevent it from occurring. It helps you achieve your highest spirituality.

Psychic clues can help you eliminate misunderstandings. 

  • Whether you use the services of a psychic or develop your own intuitive powers, knowing the right thing to say to another is huge aid. When you have a grasp on what a person is feeling, it's far easier to provide the correct response. It helps communicate with others more effectively.

You'll have access to great amounts of information.

  • Tapping into the Akashic Records, contacting the great minds of the past or present, can help to solve problems. Or simply gathering information from others around you on a psychic level can arm you with more knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals.

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