Psychic Junkie

My definition of a Psychic Junkie:

  • Psychic - Sensitivity beyond natural ranges of perception.
  • Junkie - One who has an insatiable interest or passion.

We are passionately interested in extra sensory perceptions (ESP)

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In the spiritual level, all exists at once; your pasts, present and possible futures are seen simultaneously. Welcome to my extra-sensory-perceptive world of insights, guidance and magic. - Ian Parkin, your Clairvoyant, Coach, and Webmaster.

In 1985 I began my enchanted journey into metaphysical realms accessed through extra sensory perception.  I became passionate about spirituality, mysticism, psychic ability and real magic. I wanted to fully learn about this world of wonders.

At the time I had no idea my initiation would be so fascinating and so life changing.

My Mystic Journey of Psychic Development . . . 

  1. My Mystic Journey
  2. Out on a Limb
  3. Andronicus Tapes
  4. Sleeping Prophet Awakens my Purpose
  5. Manifesting Ancient Wisdom

I slowly followed the path, as it was opened up to me, one guided step at a time. I now realize I was being lead along the way from some place unseen to my five earthly senses. At the time all I had to go on were subtle whispers from within and the outer synchronicities that would happen from time to time. As I progressed I learned to trust these moments of synchronicity. I was able to read them as signposts that would continue to reveal to me my life's path. The direct results in my reality amazed me then and continues to do so to this day.

I've been a professional clairvoyant, ForeSeeingFutures™, for many years. My journeying has had me working and living in all four corners of the world. Throughout this time, I was also able to use my insight to guide others on their own unique life paths. 

I initially set up this website to freely share what I have learned. Over the years I further expanded it by opening it up for YOU to share your stories and insights also. 

Here are some of the areas where you can provide your own input:

  • A Research Project for your ‘strange but true’ psychic stories.
  • Clairvoyant Reviews are where you can recommend your favorite readers.
  • My Interviews are so that I can publish your perspective on being a professional psychic.
  • Indigo People United is for your questions and answers on being Indigo.
  • The Trumpet allows you to share your wisdom and learn from the input of others.
  • The Dream Meanings Project is for posting your dreams for interpretations.
  • Horoscope blogs for anything you care to share on astrology.
  • Prophecy Updates are for you to share your predictions.

Links and more details on all these sections are here.

For serious dreamers, I provide a whole course online all about Lucid Dreaming and it's free. Another avenue for experiencing ESP and OBEs is waiting for you when you learn to wake up INSIDE your dreams.

If you are a professional in this  arena I would be very happy to promote you. Just post an article on a relative subject of about 500 words. I would be able to link this direct to you, or place your contact details on the page. Please see my Free Advertising Guidelines. I can add as many pages with links to you as you care to write as long as they are based on the protocol I provide.

 My Psychic Inner Circle

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When you join my inner circle will receive my occasional update and you will be granted access to a password protected section of the site where I am able make some exclusive offers and projects available to you.

So join-in now so you don't miss out.

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