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This page is about me and explains the change of my name from ZorbaZiv to Ian Parkin on this site.

When I started this website (Psychic-Junkie.com) back in 2005 I was a full time psychic reader contracted to one of the world’s big providers of psychic insight. I developed a loyal following with a regular clientele spanning the English speaking world. But because I worked under my own name through that service it would have been a conflict of interest to use my real name here on my own site. I was also quite aware that the loyal client base I developed over the years would always remain, rightly so, the asset of that company and not me.

So I chose to create the new persona ‘ZorbaZiv’ for use on Psychic-Junkie.com with the intention to develop my own asset over time. 

Inspired by the meaning of the two words Zorba = Greek for Live Each Day and Ziv = Hebrew for Shining Brightly, my name, my affirmation and my greeting on this site became ZorbaZiv – ‘living each day shining brightly’.

In 2007, with the success of Psychic-Junkie.com (reaching the top 3% of all websites in the world, as ranked by Alexa) I retired from working as a psychic. I was able to do that because I earn royalties from my referrals on this site (Affiliate Marketing).

And then towards the end of 2007 I joined a direct sales company (using a Network Marketing System) whose mission is to help millions of people act on their promptings (intuition) and provide a vehicle for financial success.  

I quickly became the top team builder in Australia, and then in 2011 I was awarded the Freedom Award for exceptional leadership and dedication to the business in Australia. Soon after that I became the very first executive in Australia, the highest rank in the country.  I also served four terms on the special advisory board that provides direct input to corporate management.

Living each day shining brightly continues to bless me with passive income from both Affiliate and Network Marketing channels  - and active income from my psychic consultancy. 

So why change ZorbaZiv to Ian Parkin now?

Now I am bringing both my personalities together with the change of name from ZorbaZiv to Ian Parkin on this site. - (was I schizophrenic?) (-:

You will see more activity and updates with the name Ian Parkin replacing ZorbaZiv across Psychic-Junkie.com.  As the site is now so large, it will take time to complete this change of name, if ever. And my friends within my other circles will begin to see my Clairvoyant Coaching and Coaching Clairvoyance tags as I continue to follow my passions.

  1. Life Coaching with a Sixth Sense twist
  2. Down to earth training in the development of your intuitive senses.
  3. Being the Psychic Junkie Webmaster.
  4. Allocating a few hours each week to provide psychic advise to my clients.

I also write on the Way Of Personal Development via my other website IanParkin.com

My Mystic Journey of Psychic Development . . . 

  1. My Mystic Journey
  2. Out on a Limb
  3. Andronicus Tapes
  4. Sleeping Prophet Awakens my Purpose
  5. Manifesting Ancient Wisdom
Coaching and Clairvoyance Psychic-Junkie.com

There is a message in the image above.

  1. Craft Your Future . . . and then
  2. Be Guided by Intuition . . . so that you
  3. Take Right Action . . . which leads you to
  4. Reap and Share Rewards

This is the secret to my success!


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