Diane 731

by Yorkie Grace
(United States)

For me hands down its gonna be Diane731 on keen.com.

Its really unfortunate she is not on much. However, I should tell you, she is not the psychic to call with that when will he call mess. She is a psychic to call for truthful REAL LIFE READINGS THAT HAPPEN. I wouldn't call her if I wanted an exact timeframe either...not because she isn't good but because she doesnt give exact dates...she gives ranges and for some people thats not what they want.

However, what she is excellent at is the following:

She WILL tell you things that will happen. She has told me things that I did not want to believe because that was not fitting in with what was going on at the time. To be honest it nearly pissed me off because that is not what I wanted to believe. It happened. Period. She was right.

Pay attention to what she tells you I advise you take notes. It may not make sense but let me reassure you she is not making things up.

She has shocked me picking up names on occasion (sometimes middle names) and the level of detail that I would later confirm to be true can be draw dropping. She will say things that sometimes I can't believe. She has given me the chills.

She doesn't fish for information. She is confident. Rightfully so, she is is normally right.

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