Midnight Magic Spirit

by Sheila
(Rochester NY)

Love and Light

Love and Light

A Day in the Life of Keen Psychic Medium Midnight Magic Spirit

I believe that no psychic readings are 100% accurate however I do have a high accuracy rate and many happy clients stemming from my 35 years of experience. Accuracy comes from having a connective productive session and as for the clients wanting a true reading they then will get one.

Spirit guides do not like tricks just as people do not appreciate mockery or tricks. In our industry one encounters skeptics, and that is all well and good, yet we also encounter mockery. Most of us do not deal with negativity well and these are normally attempts to cause disaster to our careers.

I am a reader for many other psychics who are all good people just as I am. We are not in our career to make money, we are here to help and give messages channeled from the spirit guides. We care and our clients are like family and become our loved ones.

I work after work to do energy healing and prayers along with affirmations going on moon phases and charting to help clients with any problem areas. This is very important and working closely with guides and angels for the best results for clients.

It is always a psychic’s dream to have happy clientele and productive readings for the best results for clientele.

We are all spiritually connected.

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