Psychic Help Wanted

by Bryan

I know and am completely sure I’m an empath I can do so over the internet as well as in person, yet strangely enough I can even do this through the internet, I’ve been told I also have something of a "healing touch" What I’ve been said to do is when I touch someone that’s hurt, my hand is automatically drawn to that spot and then my hand starts to tingle and I "see" a blue energy around it and then people say "How do you do that?" and I get so confused. I have no idea what that is can someone help?

I’m also sure I’m an Aura Reader but I see them as colors, some people are darker than others but others are a brighter color, I’ve found the brighter they are the more likely they are to have a Psychic Ability.

I would also like to know if its possibly that people have "corridors" in their mind that other Psychics can enter, I’ve been told to show myself as a wolf in the corridor but speak in my voice and guide their way to the center. Someone please help?!?!?
(I am 14 years old going into 9th grade I seek advice on what I am and how to control it)

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May 11, 2012
contact me if u wish
by: tom

hi i see auras as well but it takes me time to see them i do beleve what u are called is a healer or also known as light worker i do beleve i do many difrent things if u would like to talk some time contact me via skype tom.holliday3 or on facebook tomholliday finding me on fb is hard for some people in my pic on fb i have black hair and im mexican my date of birth is dec 5

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