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by Roz

Dunnea Rae Reviews

Dunnea Rae Reviews

Aloha Astro did a chart for me over a year ago and a lot of the things she told me were accurate. I did end up going into my own business. At the time I didn't know how or when but it happened.

As for my new reading, she explains what was the best career options for me according to my birth chart. Will take all that information into consideration as I plan my next move. Thank you!

- Roz USA


Dunnea Rae has been the most amazing reading I have had to date. She has an awesome way about her that tunes into your spiritual levels. I recommended her to my believer and non believer friends and family alike and the results are always the same. They leave with a sense of enlightenment.

I truly respect her vision and her kind words. Thank you for always being available to help guide me on my life's journey.

- N.H. New Jersey.


Both my son and I have had several readings with Aloha Astro's Dunnea Rae (Dee), who is great! She is very kind, really thorough, so smart, and remarkably accurate. Even though she does not charge much at all, the readings - which include all sorts of things including rune readings, astro-readings, etc. - invariably run over the one-hour mark. Yet, she always "keeps going" if you have more questions or she wants to convey more information. I cannot recommend Aloha Astro enough. Every reading is a memorable experience.

- Irene, Houston TX


Dunnea Rae was incredible. Anyone looking for an insightful, thoughtful, attentive, and kind women with an finely attuned insight with the cosmos NEEDS to speak with Dee.

- Courtney Houston, TX USA


I had my first reading with Dunnea Rae yesterday which means it is very early to validate her predictions. Some things made sense, some less and some might unfold in the future, hopefully.

But anyway I like this person and how she interacted with me. She is really passionate about astrology and runes and makes me want to learn more. She sounds honest and her fees are extremely reasonable and she gave me some extra time to further discuss our reading. This was really kind of her :-)

- A Dog Lover <3, Milan Italy


Aloha Astro is Wonderful! - Dunnea Rae, aka Dee, gave me a wonderful reading yesterday. Her tool kit included oracles, numerology and astrology in addition to her excellent intuition. She was confident and also welcoming to me in so many ways. I really enjoyed our time together. I recorded my reading and am sooooo excited to listen to it again. Thanks, Dee!

- Mary Bevington, Boulder CO USA


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Aloha Astro Review
by: Faith

I am so appreciative to Dee of Aloha Astro and the beautiful gift she brings to the world. Dee's fluency in the language of astrology and symbol is impressive, I was deeply impacted by the rune, destiny card, and astrological reading she gave me. I highly recommend her services. Not only is she so well versed in her field, she has beautiful insight and guidance to offer, to help her clients to respond to the information in dynamic, transformative ways.

Thanks Dee!

Looking forward to making many more appointments.

Dee - Aloha Astro
by: Sade

Hey, checking in to say I had an amazing reading with "Dee" aka Aloha Astro. She is kind and very understanding it was like talking to a good friend!!!!!!

She read me very well told me things about myself that I just knew I would be able to hide. Lol

However she told exactly what I needed to here and I can't wait to start my journey and see these changes in my life!!!!

Definitely the only psychic I will go to she is the real deal.

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