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My name is Dunnea Rae, but many people call me Dee. My intuitive abilities and interest in metaphysics began when I was six years old. My grandmother visited me in spirit at the time of her passing. Saying goodbye and that she would always be with me.

Not long after that, a neighbor’s cat was hit by a car and I watched the cat’s spirit rise up out the cat’s body in beautiful colors, hover for a sort time in the leaves of the tree above the cat’s body and then slowly fade away. These two events triggered a night of deep questioning - “What is death?” and “Why do we die?”. I worked myself up into the most miserable state I had ever experienced. Suddenly, I was no longer in my body and I found myself in space, among the stars, and I saw a huge and brilliant infinity symbol of light, although my six-year-old self had no idea what the symbol was. I was filled with a feeling of oneness, bliss, and understanding that I can now only call the “peace that passes all understanding” or, perhaps, satori.

The Psychic Interviews - Astrologer Dunnea Rae Of Aloha Astro

Since that event, I have sought to return to that state of being. Along the way, I have had many miracles and profound spiritual events occur. While still six years old, there was an older girl (she told me she was 12) who lived on my street. I have strong memories of her visits to my house, and a few fragmented memories of my visits to hers. Her name is/was Rosemary. One of the games she used to play with me involved me choosing a book from my bookshelf and handing it to her to hold. The bedroom door would be closed, she would tell me to close my eyes and count to three and when I opened my eyes, the book would be gone. She would tell me to go find it and I would find it in places in the house she would not be able to access in three seconds. She taught me how to hold the book and hide it without leaving the room by simply thinking of where I wanted it to go, but oddly, when I tried to do this when she was not with me, I was not able to do it, no matter how I tried. Since then, on many occasions in my life, I have “apported”, or manifested, material objects out of “thin air” or from the “no where” to the “now here”. I moved away from that house when I was 7. In my early twenties, I sought out information on this “friend” and learned that there had been an elderly couple who lived in the house where I visited Rosemary, and they had cared for a granddaughter who had died at the age of 12. I shared my memories of Rosemary with my mother, but she says those visits did not happen and she never met the girl. This experience, whether real, spiritual, or imagined, affected me strongly. Is she a spirit guide? - maybe. I have studied everything I can find to learn how to manifest things at will. It is still something I continue to study and understand. 

In the midst of an accelerated time of spiritual study and growth in my 30’s, I witnessed a near car accident. It should have happened, but I think the collective energy of the people at the intersection watching the event unfold did not want to see an accident, and one of the cars bent like rubber, in what looked like a cartoon scene, and was not hit. Just weeks after that, I was driving, and crested a hill to find a car stopped in front of me. I braked and thought in a panic that if someone came up behind me, they would hit me. Just as I was deciding on how to move out of the way, a car came up behind me and hit me. I heard the metal crunch and the tail light lenses break and felt the impact. “NO!”, I thought - this “WILL NOT HAPPEN”. I got out of my car to see if the other driver was OK. When I walked to the rear of my car, I saw no bent metal or broken lights on either my car or the car of the young woman who hit me. We were both surprised. Then she looked at me in terror and said, “What did you do?” On some level she had an awareness that I changed the material world she believed was real. I asked if she was OK and she said she was going back home and left. These “car lessons” showed me that the material world we view as real and solid is just a mental construct and can be influenced by thought. This led me to read many of the classic books on spirituality and manifestation from the “New Thought” era. In my 40’s I studied Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind, and attended classes at a Church of Religious Science Creative Living Center to learn more about being a conscious, thinking creator of my reality. 

When I was 9, I bought a book on astrology by Sydney Omarr and began voraciously studying astrology. It intrigued me and felt so familiar to me, yet my own skepticism led me to put astrology to use over and over again until I saw repeated proof that it worked. I am still studying astrology today. I have been a practicing consulting astrologer for over 20 years. I love natal chart analysis and relationship analysis. I use my knowledge of astrology to inspire and encourage people to reach their highest potential and to help them plan their lives and understand themselves and their relationships. Nothing gives me more pleasure than looking at astrological charts and talking to people about their charts, except for hearing from them how astrology has helped them. 

I was also 9 when I found runes, or they found me again. I received The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, for Christmas. There are runes on the title page. I took one look at them and knew I knew them. I sought out all I could find on runes. In my 20’s I had a past life reading that brought up a significant life in Norway, in the 1200’s. Whether this is true or not, it does resonate with me. Coincidentally, the runes are thought to have emerged in the 1200’s, in Norway. I am of Swedish and German descent. Although I have also studied the tarot, and can interpret a tarot spread, the cards do not speak to me the way the runic symbols do and I feel it may be due to an ancestral cultural familiarity with the symbols or past life memory. I have been reading runes for people for at least 20 years. 

I have taught astrology as an adult continuing education course when I lived on Long Island. When I lived in Sedona, Arizona, I modified my teaching and made it a play shop of games and art as a means of teaching the basics of astrology. While I was living in Sedona, I was a reader and astrologer at the Hub of the New Age, later changed to The Hub of the Now Age, and The Earth Mother Father Foundation. I became an ordained minister through The Church of the Golden Age in Sedona. I would like to become a minister through the Church of Religious Science, as well, because Science of Mind has been one the most helpful tools in my own life. Becoming a SOM certified practitioner and minister would enable me to give clients even more spiritual support than I am able to give them now. I have witnessed the power of intention create miracles over and over again. When you share your own intention with someone else who can hold that pure thought on your behalf without attachment or negative thought you give your intention even more power. When a client wants something badly but has some doubts, I hold that space of NO DOUBT for them in my prayers and meditations, and I let them know that I have no doubt in their ability to manifest their dream. Time keeps proving this method to be effective. I suppose this would be considered spiritual life coaching - not “psychic” or “astrology” work. My own prayer and intention before any reading is to be able to give a client what they need most. 

I also know numerology and work with The Cards of Your Destiny aka cards of Illumination. The Destiny Card system ties into astrology and numerology and I have found their predictive cycles to be accurate. Although I have received Reiki level one and level two attunements, I do not consider myself a healer, but a few times I have been guided to balance chakras in a guided mediation/visualization for a client. I am empathetic and do not like to take on too much of the physical. I prefer to work at the mental/emotional/spiritual level. I can see auras if I ask to see auras, or in certain lighting. I have been using meditation and hypnosis for many years, every night, to increase my ability to turn on the alpha, theta and delta brain waves at will. I feel it has increased my psychic abilities, but I have never felt myself to be a purely psychic reader. Every person is different, every reading is different. I ask Spirit to help me give the person what they need most. If something comes to me through psychic senses, then I share it. If the answers or guidance lie in the runes or through astrological guidance, then that is where the reading goes. I stay true to what I see/hear and always am aware that the language or form in which I receive information can be symbolic. I cannot differentiate between dead people and living people - if a person comes to me in the screen in my head, there is no label that says they are a living person or a dead person, and I get messages from both for clients. I would like to improve on the ability to communicate with the deceased. As of now, if they have something important to say, they show up but if someone comes to me wanting to hear something from a deceased person, I can’t just place the call and get the connection. I have had four instances of spontaneous channeling in my life but I do not feel a need or calling to become a channel. The first channeling came through automatic writing, a being calling himself Samuel. St.Germain came through me with healing energy when my daughter was having a health crisis. Quan Yin came through with messages for everyone at a meditation circle I attended. I have had a profound personal encounter with Archangel Michael, but that is a story too long to recount here. One of the most amazing spiritual/psychic experiences I ever had took place on a walk in the woods one Halloween day. As I walked on the path, I thought to myself that if the veil between worlds is really thinner at All Hallows Eve, then I would like to see through that veil. Suddenly I saw glowing, elongated oval shaped beings of light all around me moving through the woods. They hovered about 15 inches about the ground. We think of heaven or the afterlife as being someplace far away but I suspect is a dimension right next to us that we would see easily if we could adjust our frequency to that range. 

Following the call to be an astrologer and intuitive reader has not been easy for me. A few times in my life I have been guided to go up to a stranger and give them a message and that has been tough, but it is impossible to say no. Thankfully, the messages were well received and meaningful to the recipient. I often felt like I was an outsider when I was a child. Adults do not always know how to treat a psychic child. When I was a child, the few metaphysical or spiritual books in print were to be found on about 10 inches of shelf space, labelled “occult”! That shows how old I am. My parents were not happy with my all-consuming desire to read anything “occult” I could find. I enjoyed watching the Psychic Kids TV show with Chip Coffey, aired a few years ago. He brought an awareness of psychic ability in children to the public in a good way. The judgement and blatant personal attack I have received on occasion has been tough as well. First, I would like to state that astrology is not a religion and it doesn’t require belief. It does not negate a higher spiritual being in anyone’s life and it is not Satanic. If a person is persecuted or rejected for a natural ability to “know” things, it can be hard for them to love themselves and have a healthy self-esteem. If you are at this site reading this, you may be a seeker, you may be a psychic, and you may have an open mind. Good for you! When we ask questions, the answers rush up to meet us and we grow. In all the years I have worked with other psychics, I have only met one person of low integrity who was just after the money. I have had more negative experiences in the “mainstream” business world with people of low integrity than I have ever had in the New Age or spiritual community. I think people drawn to psychic work do it because they are psychic and want to use it to help people. 

I believe everyone has psychic abilities. If I were to look at your natal chart, I could tell you the specific types of abilities you might have and could make suggestions for you if you wish to develop your abilities. I believe we create and change our future whenever we change our feelings or our mind. Most times a good reader is picking up the energy of what you are magnetizing to you based on your own energy. Raise your energy or change your thoughts and you can change your future. When you feel stuck or lost, a psychic reading can help you look around the corner or guide you back to your true center where you can find yourself again. An astrology reading can answer so many “how”, “when”, “why”, “who” and even “where” questions. Utilizing intuitive and empathetic abilities along with divination tools and astrological knowledge enables me to help you. I do my best to help you create your life as you would like it to be and I love hearing about your success. 

Oh, and I am an Aquarius with sun in 8th house (a metaphysical business, looking toward the other side and into other people), Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th house (teaching, writing, speaking about the future and unusual subjects), Venus in Pisces in the 10th house conjunct the South Node (loving a career of healing and inspiring) and moon in Aries in the 11th house (reaching out to the group, or humanity as an individual via the Internet). Pluto, the ruling planet of the 8th house is in Virgo, exactly conjunct my North Node and IC in the 4th house, indicating that my soul purpose is to discern the programs hidden in a person’s psyche and reveal a path to empowerment, transformation and the fulfillment of dreams.

Dunnea Rae

Dunnea Rae

Astrology found Dunnea Rae on a rainy summer day at a paperback book rack in a five-and-dime store when she was nine years old. In those days, the Occult selection of the book rack took up about six inches of shelf space. Picking up a book written by the late, great astrologer, Sydney Omarr, was the hook into the stars for the years to come.

Dee's Aloha Astro website is now the perfect place to be introduced, perhaps for the first time, to astrology. 

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I've had a few readings from Dee over the years and I must honestly say that she is by far the most accurate and intuitive astrologer I've ever experienced. During my reading, I honestly only said two words. I sat back and listened to her explain my life in detail with such accuracy. The information she revealed to me now allows me to consciously and energetically work the the energies of the planets more effectively. I have now decided to work with Dee on a regular basis, because I see how much more peace, harmony and joy I can create in my life through understanding the energies within my spiritual make up. If you want a true to heart spiritual light being to be that special guide leading you back to the truth of your existence, then please consider having a reading with one of the finest in the field

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