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Worthiness -

Worthiness - "Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways."

When I was little I used to speak to the Angels till my parents convinced me that they were just imaginary friends. Only when I was a teenager and my guardian angel had to intervene in a life or death situation did I once again believe in them and started communicating with them again.

Through this, I learnt to read the Angel and Tarot cards accurately as they tell me more than what is shown in the cards, and the Angels taught me to see beyond our spectrum and connect with passed loved ones.

Now I use these gifts to help others, by not only giving them messages from loved ones but communicating with the Angels while doing a card reading for them.

I learnt that we were given these gifts to help others in their time of need, whether it just a word from their family or a glimpse of the future. It will be what they need at the time they need it.

I created a website where I explain all I offer. I also created a forum to help people try things at home and where they can ask any questions about readings, angels or anything they wonder about and I freely answer them.

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