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Iceland Volcano Dream

by Cary Wade King
(Athens, Ala.)

Premonition of Iceland Volcano

Premonition of Iceland Volcano

Three nights before the eruption of the Iceland volcano I had a dream of a volcano erupting.

I didn’t sleep well that night and when I don’t I have strange dreams. In the dream I saw a large mountain spewing out smoke and it was very dark behind the volcano. Above the mountain hung a white/grey funnel of cloud, it was a tornado.

When I awoke that morning I turned on the news, and there was the tornado from the dream. It was spotted somewhere over a state I don’t recall, but I remember saying to my friend that that was the same funnel cloud from my dream.

Three days later, I logged online and saw the report of the volcanic eruption.

I am curious to see if anyone has had a similar Iceland Volcano Dream, or any weather/earth related dreams recently.

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Jun 06, 2010
Volcano Eruption In South Korea
by: Prabhat

Today night 4th June 2010, I had dream of a Volcano Eruption in South Korea. This volcano was preceded by an earthquake. There was great loss of life. prabhat.shcil @

May 15, 2010
I dreamt it too
by: Anonymous

I Dreamt it too 2 days before it happened, and then when it stopped, a few days after I dreamt more ash came and it did!

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